Yes, Basically, That’s the Route Some Have Chosen

Well oh well. My goodness how so many are just in the zone. In the havoc zone. Some are more in tuned with creating havoc. Perhaps trying to do some good will incur better outcomes. Perhaps. huh? Anyway any person who wants to live a dream or is “on a journey” must be prepared to come across wolves. Some just not pleased with some who continue to try to achieve more. There’s nothing wrong with climbing higher. Shouldn’t individuals want to be apart of growth? 

Gets tiring to have to deal with the antics of so many. The same old same old. The same tactics used to try and discourage another. Perhaps that’s why so many have “chosen” to stop living their dreams. Some haven’t even started. The competition is outrageous. There are some who spend their entire lives trying to come up against others. Really? That’s all they’re willing to do. The best thing to do is to continue on despite their ways. 

There some positives in the process and although there will be days when trying to find the positivity will become quite difficult they’re there. “There’s a lot of difficult people to deal with.” Some who are difficult their entire lives. Never knowing when to stop harassing others. if only some would just consider how their actions will lead the individuals to having less and suffering severe consequences then perhaps they would stop. For some it takes going through a severe storm in order to stop some of their antics. 

Never become discouraged. Even if it appears as if half the world is trying to take a person down. The individual should keep on trying, keep moving, “continue on.” The ones who continue doing bad will eventually get what’s deserved. Some are too afraid to allow others to just move forward because they’re not wanting to stay behind. They’re realizing that the person is progressing. 

It’s not easy trying to elevate. For some just a little movement is difficult. Even the ones who are close will try to hinder their family members. Some because the one who is progressing is making them feel b ad by advancing. “Some simply don’t understand” that every person was given a gift and we’re allowed to let our gifts shine. The ones who continue to fight a person for their own vision are doing themselves an injustice. 

Can be quite frustrating to see so many falling into the pit of hell. Some would rather do evil works than good works. Too many are “trying to live” other people’s lives. Not something any person would want to deal with and especially on an continuous basis. There has to come a time when the persons just accept that it’s meant for certain individuals to move on ahead. 

“Let the Light Shine Through the Trees of Growth.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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