You Fooled Us Mr.Cosby


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For decades you entertained us…

In the eighties I remember listening to my record of your stand-up comedy monologues, laughing in naiveté  as you made jokes of going to Spain in search of an aphrodisiac by the name “Spanish Fly,” rumored to make any woman incapable of resisting you. We laughed at your tale of defeated quest, as no such thing actually existed, and because you could not be raped by Bill Cosby. The possibility just didn’t exist.

Listen to the “Spanish Fly” monologue here.


You made us laugh at all your funny voices, at the nonsense that came from Mushmouth.  Fat Albert always did the right thing, and thus we were reminded that you were a paragon, a lone pillar of goodness and morality in the world…You must be…you’re cartoon characters prove your worth, the lessons we learned invaluable.

You kept us laughing… Making us laugh on our couches on Thursday nights while we sat eating Jello pudding pops, listening to you again solve your “family’s” problems; Always giving good advice…again, always encouraging your children to do the right thing.  In this way, all of America had became your children. You were America’s perfect Dad! Your influence, your upstanding behavior, your judgment of immorality stood stark against a backdrop of other comedians who could not perform without using profanity. Bill Cosby was funny, and he never cursed.  We trusted you with our innocence.

Thus we grew up in this bubble of hilarity. We never saw the signs. I am sure there were signs, there would have to be…dozens of women could not be raped and there not be any signs. However, you did not rape anyone, did you Mr. Cosby?  In the  culture of the 1960’s and 70’s no one was raped by someone they knew.  A rapist was someone who grabbed and dragged a woman into the brush. If a man you knew forced you into having sex, you were simply “taken advantage of.”  Therefore, no one could be raped in your presence when you were such an upstanding comedic genius, an outstanding citizen, and a well known celebrity!  If the women came to you, and you drugged them, then they should have known to expect it. You were a well known player, unbeknownst to the public,…you had a way with women. You were simply “taking advantage” of a blessing, (I am sure you thought) God had simply bestowed on you. 

You were wrong.

What angers me is the cover up, the hush money paid. Your wife, as your manager, had to see the money removed from your accounts, the college tuitions paid… She had to have known what you were up to. Many of the women- girls back in the 60’s and 70’s- told the same story of being sent to you by their agents because you wanted to “mentor” them.  These people had to know what was going on once you got these girls behind closed doors. They told, people knew…and yet the Hollywood machine continued to feed you young, aspiring celebrities to satisfy your thirst. 

…And you had a specific thirst. You weren’t into wooing a woman. You didn’t want to wine and dine her, buy her nice things, take time to get to know her in order to earn her affections. Your appetite went way beyond that. You had a specific fetish. 

You enjoyed drugging and having sex with incapacitated young women. Women so drugged they did not remember what you had done to them.

You found your “Spanish fly” in Quaaludes. 

Yes, Bill Cosby, we can no longer deny it. Far too many women seeking nothing but the truth have come forward, and told the same tale. You are a rapist…okay to be politically correct, an “alleged rapist.” You are no better than the “average Joes” on the street who give Rohypnol to unsuspecting ladies at parties and in bars. You are the same breed.

…and we trusted you. 

We trusted you.


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