You Should NOT Join MicroWorkers As A Task Worker!

Here’s why you shouldn’t join Microworkers as a task worker and just use it as a task giver if you want.

The reasons:

1- The task givers may make you complete a task but would not get satisfied with how you’ve done the task, which means that you will not be PAID! Yes, my love, I guess you’re wasting your time on there.

And if you try to submit a complaint about a task giver, then you’ll be getting no answers nor nothing.

2- You need a PIN to receive your payment.

– This PIN might or might not come to your address, so if it doesn’t arrive to your address then you won’t get paid.

I have personally requested for this PIN but I never received it! This small company is thinking that it’s Google or something. Lol

3- They don’t reply to what the users want.

For example, I emailed the admin of this website asking him to make the verification process of my address by a domestic bill but he only replied with that they only have 1 method of verification and it’s done by a PIN (point).

At least, imitate Google and let users prove their addresses by submitting bills when the PIN arrival fails!

I’ve written a more detailed article and I hope you guys never waste your time on there.



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