You’ll Love What You Hear With 1MORE’s Dual Driver LTNG ANC In-Ear Headphones

1MORE Dual Driver LTNG ANC In-Ear Headphones
In-ear headphones are convenient, but a lot of surface noise leaks into them, as compared to the tighter seal of over the ear headphones. This can degrade the quality of the sound being presented, regardless of how great the audio drivers connecting to the ears is. So the solution is to be able to block out that sound with active noise cancellation that doesn’t negatively affect the sound being heard. Sound tough to do? Not if it’s the 1MORE Dual Driver LTNG ANC In-Ear Headphones.

So let’s break down what’s in the name, because it’s all there. First, the LTNG stands for Lightning because it has the distinction of being a wired headphones especially geared for use with the latest, non-headphone jack iPhones. So that means the end of the cable coming from the in-ears doesn’t terminate in a headphone jack, instead it’s a Lightning connector. This not only provides for a secure connection to the iPhone, but enables a higher resolution of sound to be transmitted from the phone to the in-ears. The audio results now discernible is an improvement on the quality for listening. One gets superior sound for the simple reason that the DAC (digital to audio converter) is no longer using the one built inside the phone, along with the inherent signal interference that results from outputting through the headphone jack. Instead an external DAC is used, resulting in zero signal loss and zero signal interference.

Next there’s the ANC (active noise cancellation). 1More knows and expects these in-ears to be worn in all kinds of situations, from being on a subway to walking in traffic, flying on a plane, etc. So rather than going after some rarified lab sound setup, the ANC makes sure to deal with all kinds of everyday situations, be they in the low or high frequency range. And in what is defiantly a big thumbs up, the ANC has been created so as to have absolutely no effect on the sound — zero impact.

So now we come to the most important part — that which is driving the sound you’re hearing. These in-ears have dual drivers; employing a triple layer driver (i.e., mini speaker) plus a balance armature (i.e., mini-tweeter) so as to embrace and contain the full range of the music being played. To help this along, the audio response has been “tuned” by Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi for a fully balanced and detailed soundstage.

Now for some of the simpler parts that combine to make the sound these in-ears are generating of audiophile quality: the first being how the in-ears hold on through oblique angles making for a a more secure fit in the ear: there are four secure tips and four ANC pillowed ear tips provided. Second there’s how to control what the in-ears are hearing: taking calls, moving through music tracks, etc. functioning via a 5-way directional tab. Additionally, there is a high end MEMS microphone — being small yet with very high performance.

The 1MORE Dual Driver LTNG ANC In-Ear Headphones retails for $179 and includes such niceties as a carrying case and shirt clip. But nicest of all is what you’ll hear when you’re wearing them.

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