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When you here someone talk about the earning application Perk, the first thing that comes to mind is PerkTV. In fact, some people just refer to it as PerkTV. PerkTV is actually one of several different Perk applications. There are a lot of different ways Perk offers the opportunity to earn Perk Points so you can redeem Perks (prizes). 

I can tell you it took me about 2 and a half days to reach 2,000+ points and watch 800+ videos. The 800 plus videos only matters because I wanted to unlock Amazon credit. I’m not big on some of the other gift cards. Eventually, I’ll just redeem Paypal. You have to watch 5,000+ videos to unlock Paypal as a Perk. I can tell you that I’ve only been running PerkTV for about a week now and I’m heading towards 2,000 videos. So, it is a big number – but it doesn’t take as long as you might think.

Other Ways to Earn with Perk

Perk Web Browser: You can get 1,000 perk points by downloading/installing the Perk web browser. You get points for using the browser, shopping through the browser, and searching (using the Perk search bar). I haven’t done much with the shopping. But, the points for downloading the browser and searching added up pretty quickly. 

Perk Pop Quiz: This is a new application that Perk has recently added. You take 5 question quizzes. There are a number of different categories to choose from. (I’m partial to the Twilight, Disney, and Family Guy categories). You only get a couple points and you get a bonus for answering questions right, but it is a lot of fun.

Perk Screen: Perk Screen is a new application as well. It is only for Android users at this point in time. (Guess not getting an iPhone turned out to be a good idea because I’m in love with my Android!) It is just a screen unlocking application. You swipe to unlock the screen and every few swipes you get Perk Points. As many times as I look at my phone a day this application has made me a lot of points!

Earning Potential 

This is not an application collection that is going to help you get rich quick, but I do think I could earn at least $10 a week just running PerkTV, Perk Screen, and playing the Pop Quiz on occasion. (I do the searches sporadically as well). In theory, you can run PerkTV on up to 5 devices. I only have one device that can run PerkTV right now. But, I think it might be worthwhile to invest in a tablet one day. 

I think it is very possible to make anywhere from $30-$50 a week if you were running PerkTV on 5 devices off and on throughout the day. Curious to see if they are willing to let one person make that much money in a week. I’m not sure how many people actually run the application on 5 devices. 

I did get paid already!

Took 24 hours to receive my first perk ($2 Amazon Gift Card) via email. I’ve already redeemed it and it is collecting dust until I decide to purchase something else on Amazon. I earn Amazon credit from lots of different places, so the money adds up pretty quickly. 

Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? Sign up for Perk today! You can decide if you want to just use PerkTV or if you want to use all of the different applications Perk offers. You could be making a little extra money just letting a TV application run on your phone or tablet when you aren’t using it! Sound good?

Have any friends with smartphones or tablets? Share this with them! Let them make some extra money too.

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