Zayn Malik Green Hair Picture

Are you looking for a Zayn Malik green hair picture? I have to be honest I really do not think he can carry off green hair. It looks horrendous.

Celebrities often like to do daring things to get themselves into the headlines. I am a little shocked at Zayn because it was not that long ago that he said he wanted to lead a normal life rather than be in the spotlight all the time. Unfortunately dying your hair green when you have just left one of the biggest boy bands is going to get you into the newspaper.

Some people think Zayn dyed his hair green to make a statement that he does not care what people think anymore. I really do not think he pulls off the green. In fact he would suit purple or blue hair much better. Would you dye your hair apple green or neon green?green hair dye

Unfortunately I am not going to post the picture here as it may be copyright but it can be found on Perrie Edwards Instagram account.

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