Zombieland Movie Review

Zombieland has a simple plot. The people turn into a zombie after being infected by an unknown virus. The crisis leads to war between the survivors and the brain eating undead cripples. The movie plot revolves around the four survivors. Tallahassee and his gang Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock follow a strict survival rule to not be infected by the virus. With their zombie killing tactics, they lead on a venture to a supposedly safe sanctuary – an amusement park in LA.


The movie unleashes the pure zombie-like gross element in the first five minutes such as mouthful of splattered flesh and face landing by a woman in the car’s windshield. It truly provides the lender’s perspective. Then there is a zombie stripper with large breasts who are wearing as little as pasties and gore while a bunch of child zombies are dragged behind by a speeding van appears.

After the couple months of a virus outbreak, the majority of the human population has turned into brain sucking walking dead. Among the survivors, Columbus is a nervous and nerd loner. When he finds himself in a deadly encounter with zombies, Tallahassee, in time rescues him and introduces himself with his rules – a fake name to avoid any emotional attachment and to kill every zombie that gets in his way. Apparently, he is wild and a warrior.

The two begins their journey toward the Los Angeles City. On the way, they meet other two survivors – Wichita and Little Rock, who used to be con-artists. After some initial disagreement, four of them head to the supposedly zombie-free zone.


The movie is set in a zombie apocalypse scene but in a non-serious kind of way. All the killings and gore are real but nothing serious is happening except for four teenage misfits. Their part is raw and likeable. These four are well portrayed and most of the time funny. Besides having a badass element, the movie is an ultimate encouragement to help each other in need.

Good things

Zombieland is mostly about bloody action mayhem and delivers it too. However, the characters try to form bonds and create a small family. The movie’s four major characters are teenagers. They have all experienced difficult relationship in the past. However, they learn to rely on one another even during the moments of terror like a family. At the end there is a remark, “We had hope. We had each other.”

There is a scene where Columbus faces her own fear and put his own life in danger to rescue the two sisters – Wichita and her 12-year-old small sister. Columbus eventually figures out why Tallahassee is in pain. Zombies had killed his son and thus justifying his actions and later he tries to be a good father to the Little Rock.

Realistic Part

The film is undoubtedly violent, crude and has gross factor just like any other zombie movies. The movie is all about the characters and their survival and the movie portrays it well. It doesn’t include the large landscape but just the interaction between what really normal persons would do. The movie depicts the scenarios and timbre of the horror movie very well while creating the undead as the first priority – threat.


The funny parts come side to side with the bodies. The action is exhilarating and sometimes even goofy. The movie is certainly not for kids. If there happens to be a real Zombieland and must you walk into it, the question is regarding the rancidness of the situation. There won’t be deep mysteries about what’s going to plop in front of your eyes.

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