In the Zone What can it Produce

When it’s time to put on the thinking cap the music may go on. Mainly beats when the thinking is deep or if it’s time some dance moves as exercise. Thought which run deep can produce a lot of solutions. The need to clear the mind of negative thoughts and “develop” what needs to be developed. There’s certainly a lot of problems which need to be solved. Sitting in a quiet room with the tunes going. Never know what one can come up with while relaxing the mind. 

There should be a time set aside to just gather thoughts. To find out the best strategies in order to move further. Sometimes life seems like a game or perhaps a puzzle. Trying to put the pieces together. Trying to solve equations some are quite complex. We’ll have to put the pieces together and doing so may not be easy. Some days will be filled with lots of thinking. Staring at the walls. Eyes closed shut. 

Life is very complex. “There needs to be focus on what really matters.” In order to advance to the next level there needs to be some removals. All of the things which cause a block should be removed. There are some who will hinder the process and although there will be some who we may not want to remove doing is necessary. 

Deep Thoughts

!. Closing eyes and imagining being in another location filled with peacefulness.

2. Consider the most important matters first. 

3. Break down the problems. 

4. Consider who the issues will affect. 

5. Continue to Concentrate on the Solutions. 

Not all of the “problems will be solved” in one session. It may take numerous attempts to even solve one problem. All depends on how complex the problems are. Some problems can be solved instantly. Although the problems may be complex there is no need to panic. To panic will only create more problems. The whole point in getting into the zone is to relax the mind and prevent becoming stressed. That’s why there should be thoughts of being in another place. 

Perhaps thinking about the ocean or being on an Island. Whatever will “free the mind” from all of the negatives. There’s a lot to think about when coming across a lot of matters at one time. Finding the most effective ways to come to a solution or solutions is very important. The key is to avoid stress. Some may become more stressed when trying to relax because of the thinking pattern. 

Control the Thoughts

Allow the mind to think positively. If something occurred which produced an upset then remove the thought. Think of something fun or funny if need be. Relaxing is very important. When the mind is stressed there will be no solutions. Once the thoughts are gathered there will be a feeling of relief.


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