Pack It With The Classic Pro Backpack

Backpacks don’t have to be pretty — what they have to do is hold stuff efficiently while not making your muscles ache from having to carry it around. Belkin’s Classic Pro Backpack does all that and even manages to look good while doing it.

The Classic pays careful attention to the fact that it’s a person carrying it around, so right off the bat two things stand out: a padded back means making contact with your own is comfortable and not like having a soup can digging into your back. Nor do the straps encircling your shoulders dig into them — thank mesh padding for that (just remember to adjust the straps for a good, solid fit). Obviously the handle had better be padded. So it is.

But it’s in how the Classic carries your stuff around that works so well. Start with the largest compartment — suitable for up to a 15” laptop or an iPad/tablet — which is padded inside so as to cushion without scratching.

That’s good, but so are interior pockets that are also padded, making them work well for heavy but small objects like power packs that aren’t cream puffs to have sloshing around. There’s also room inside for those small office-ish stuff, you know, pens, pencils, business cards, stationary stuff and the like, a small digital camera, for example, or even a phone for those who can stand not having it in their pocket every minute of the day.

Now here’s one thing that wasn’t expected about opening up this backpack; an accordion-style design that lets you open it up fast and furiously, with the back pack standing vertical and not falling over as happens far too many times. So for those quick in and outs, here you go.

Of course there’s also outside storage, meaning a front pocket that grants quick access through a vertical zipper plus a large bottom-placed zippered pouch for the stuff you need/want right away.

Being made from durable materials, this backpack can handle the abuse of daily life — none of that luxury leather nonsense that looks good when you take it out of the plastic bag and then goes south once you start using it. This is a working backpack with all the essentials and a well thought out view towards making your stuff accessible and safe when it’s not needed but coming along for the ride. That includes the luggage strap for securing it to a trolley or case as well.

The Classic Pro Backpack measures 11.7” x 16.7” x 4.9”, has large and easy to access zipper pulls and weighs in at just under 2 pounds. Best of all is the price which itself weighs in at under $40 — being $39.99.

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