To The Charge Comes The Rabbit Charger

Contrary to popular belief, most people charge their mobile devices at home and not in the middle of a commute or while on the bus or at the movies. But because most chargers tend to prize minimal size over functionality, you end up with cables all over the place and small batteries that make charging a chore. The Rabbit Charger hops ahead because it wants to stay at home and use lots and lots of electricity from your utility company. Which translates into faster charging times and an ease of use that so-called mobile chargers just can compete with.

Yes, the Rabbit is bigger and looks different from other chargers — but no, it’s not orange or shaped like a carrot. It’s an off-white squarish shape and large enough to stand out, which might be part of what allows its having an AC socket on the front and a big button upfront above that with a pair of floppy ears inside. You plug the Rabbit into a duplex wall outlet — for example on a countertop in the kitchen where everybody ends up going to at one time or another — so that it’s right there in easy access. That AC outlet on the Rabbit’s front ensures that there’s no loss for any appliance that might need plugging in. And should the equiv of a nightlight/some general illumination be needed, it’s a given that pressing that button brings up a soft glow of LED lighting.

So you want the Rabbit to charge something up. Do you need to look around for a cable? No, because there’s one living inside the Rabbit that pulls out at your convenience, all 28 inches which means it’s no big deal to have plugged it into an outlet at floor level. Plus it’s no ordinary cable either — it can charge two devices at once because there’s two tips, with one being a micro-USB connector and the other the much newer tech USB-C. These two tips are removable/swappable. That’s good because you might want to plug in an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad. So then you just use the micro-USB to Lightning adapter that’s optional (retail/$9.95), since both the micro-USB and USB-C tips are included.

Oh, and since the cable automatically retracts when pressed, no time is spent trying to push it back inside the Rabbit. And for those wondering how it can charge a tablet and a phone at the same time, having 3 amps of juice is how.

The Rabbit Charger has an advantage over other chargers of always being there when you need it, and always having enough power to get the job done. Plus there’s none of that being lugged around until it’s lost nonsense. It retails for $49.95.

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