Watch Over Baby With The Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor

A baby monitor by definition must include a camera and microphone, so what makes one more appealing than another is how it executes video and audio. The Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor does this with a number of features that add to its usefulness. So let’s dive right in.

As to the camera itself, it has an extremely wide angle of view (as in 130 degrees) so as to guarantee being able to see all of the room to to bottom. Not to forget baby, which obviously is the most important. Digital zoom can be activated remotely and works up to 5X, with “set and forget” pan and tilt functionality. It also has a microphone and speaker assembly — enabling sound to be heard as well as being able to speak back through the camera (two-way talk).

Speaking of talking, the Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor with Smart Audio Unit lets you listen in without needing to use a smartphone/app. This is done through the included Smart Audio Unit which syncs with the camera through Wi-Fi, and can display alerts for both noise and motion activities. It runs off a rechargeable 12 hour battery, and so is highly portable for use through the home (providing the Wi-Fi home network signal reaches it).

This makes a great alternative for night monitoring as it operates without the need for the phone’s app. It also helps that there’s a lack of “sound” coming from the speaker when there’s no audio playing, since the whole idea of this is for it to be unobtrusive unless there’s something to listen to. With both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (for working notifications in conjunction with the app), it also allows for two-way talk and has a visual light ring for indicating notifications occurring. A large 1.5 watt speaker makes for easy listening and so of course there’s a volume ring dial on top.

Also built into the camera are motion and noise activations. These are received by a free app (iOS/Android), and so allows for sensitivity settings adjustments. There is also a 24 hour timeline as well as the ability to share videos/photos with friends and family on social media or via text.

So yes, the camera is app-controlled. This makes using it simple regardless of where the person’s smartphone is located. Wi-Fi removes having a cabled connection, although power must come from a wall outlet, and enables the streaming of a 720p high-definition signal — meaning the quality allows for detailed viewing, whether it’s during the day or dark (since night vision powered by 12 LEDs is built in). Two other techs aid in making for smooth and safe video: being able to stream over lesser signal strength without losing quality, and the addition of a security chip working to ensure privacy against any vulnerabilities impacting the home network by isolating it from the camera. The cloud storage being used is also encrypted against unauthorized eyes. This does not mean that caretakers/authorized others can’t be allowed access, because they can. Or that the camera can only be used by one person.

But since the most important thing is for the camera to be used, it makes perfect sense that its setup has been made simple and streamlined so as to avoid complications for first-time users (as well as everybody else). Plus there is the option of adding more cameras. Nor is there a monthly subscription charge for accessing video via the secure “cloud.” The Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor retails for $199.99.

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