Drinking and Listening With The Aquio Waterbottle Powered by iHome

Going to the beach or even just hanging out in the backyard requires music. That’s why they make waterproof Bluetooth speakers. But if you’re looking for something to drink, you’ll be carrying some kind of container and that makes two things to lug around. Better if the drinking and listening all came from the same place. Which is the idea behind the Aquio Waterbottle Powered by iHome ($69.99/retail).

So grab hold of the steel, double wall insulated 16 ounce bottle and fill it with what your tongue years for — be that hot coffee or cold soda or seltzer or whatever. If it’s hot, it’ll stay that way for up to 14 hours which makes it pretty useful for that emergency road trip. And if it’s cold, you’ve got a days worth of cold which makes the puny amount of time out in the park or by the BBQ or pool a no-brainer. Plus it’s a no-brainer that this water bottle is BPA free, is easily cleaned between uses and fits in most cup holders for traveling. And has a carry loop should our feet be providing the motion.

But we started out saying that there had to be tunes, so where does the Aquio play into that? By having a detachable Bluetooth speaker on the bottom. It goes onto the end of the bottle and makes it look taller, but the real use is that it screws in place and stays there unless you want the two separated. And yes it’s iP67 waterproof and laughs at sand and other small debre cuz it ain’t getting inside to gum up the works. So no worries there either.

The speaker is fabric wrapped and, being plastic, adds hardly any weight to the bottle (in place, the bottle/speaker tops off at a single pound). Bluetooth means it can stream music obviously, but it also does double-duty as a speakerphone and so has physical controls in place to handle that. Inside it’s got noise-canceling tech. A rechargeable battery handles the power requirements and provides up to 6 hours at a go. The bottle itself only needs hand-power to work.

So the question is how good does it sound? Since the speaker is reasonably sized and built by iHome, the answer is quite good, quite loud and that includes bass which often gets a nod but doesn’t make the grade. And for those who’ve been disappointed by BT before, there’s a front mounted button that turns on a prerecorded tune via a sound chip to demo the bass. Works through the closed packaging too.

As noted above, the Aquio Waterbottle Powered by iHome weighs all of 1 lb. and measures 2.99″ W x 11.43″ H x 2.99″ D. It also comes in 4 colors: seafoam green, merlot purple, midnight black and blush pink.

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