KeyChain Reading Glasses Are Always Right There

The human eye lets you see things with clarity and precision. Too bad it doesn’t last — a person’s ability to see clearly isn’t as good when they’re older, as compared to when they were in their teens and early 20s. That goes for everybody, so just because you don’t wear glasses now doesn’t mean it’s always going to be that way. Reading glasses are the solution for the multitudes who now find that looking at a book or newspaper or even an LCD screen is a hassle. These glasses don’t have prescription lenses; instead they increase viewing by having different strengths of magnification (i.e., +1.5, +2.0, etc.). Those who otherwise aren’t wearing glasses and who now need to become accustomed to wearing reading glasses not only have to get used to wearing them, they also have to get used to bringing the glasses with them when they go out. That’s why ThinOPTICS KeyChain Reading Glasses were created.

The KeyChain Reading Glasses are both lightweight and flexible — you can bend them without their breaking apart and hardly notice they’re there in hand or on your nose. That’s because they’re made from polycarbonate which gives them both strength and flexibility. In addition, the frames are enhanced by the bridge being made from a titanium alloy that is many times ore elastic than spring steel. Meanwhile, upon being placed on the face, a pair of independent-suspension nose pads work to grip and hold the frame in position in a manner both secure and comfortable. This is true regardless of whether the glasses are worn up high on the bridge of the one or down low (as seen in too many cartoons).

But getting back to having these glasses on hand when needed, the fact that they’re lightweight and able to flex becomes important. Because the storage case is shaped more like a big car fob: the glasses fold in on themselves and reside inside the case. Want to use them? Push up on the slider and the glasses emerge and blossom out, ready for grabbing. Reverse the process is just as easy. And since the case loops onto your other keys, you’ll always have the glasses wherever you might end up going.

The KeyChain Reading Glasses come in assorted colors (black, brown, blue, purple and clear) and various strengths (+1.50, +2.00, +2.50). Prices range from $14.89 to $27.00.

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