Anna Duggar remains faithful despite pleas from her brother Daniel Keller

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Anna Duggar fell in love with her soul mate, Josh Duggar. The two shared time together in a courtship prior to getting engaged and then married. During the seven years they have been married Anna gave birth to four beautiful and healthy children ranging from the ages of five to a one month old. Now Anna’s brother is pleading with his sister, who is very supportive of her to act rationally and not emotionally. He is pleading with her to leave her husband and get out of what he feels is a bad marriage with his help. Josh has been entered in a long-term rehabilitation facility to provide Josh with the help he needs and is long overdue. Anna will be left alone to raise her family until Josh overcomes his ways and is released. Who knows how things will pan out once Josh is deemed rehabilitated as he works through his long journey towards wholeness and recovery.

Daniel Keller wants his sister to stand tall, leave her husband, take her children with her and finally leave the Duggar family. Daniel also said he would pay to move his sister and her children and support them financially as well. All Anna has to do is agree to take that final step to remove herself and her children from her husband to ensure their well being and safety so they can begin again without being in a tarnished and shameful spotlight.

The Keller family, according to an exclusive given by a source close to Anna through People says that their family was also strict and religious as the Duggar family. They were taught that once they entered into marriage that divorce was never an option. Anna’s parents are quite upset over everything that has been revealed about their son-in-law and don’t quite know what to do about the situation. They are also upset over their other daughter, Rebecca who is in the process of getting a divorce. Now things have turned so ugly they are praying for the best and hoping that Anna will be able to work things out with her husband and Josh will be rehabilitated and fall from his secret double life and become the man he promised he would be for their daughter once again.

After Anna’s brother heard the news stories that his, brother-in-law has lied, cheated on his wife and basically had a second lifestyle that included; being addicted to pornography and was a paid member of Ashley Madison he lost all respect for Josh Duggar. His parents seem to be more worried about what others will think if Josh and Anna divorced and it would be best for all concerned to get Josh the help he needs instead of condemning him. Daniel doesn’t agree and mentioned that he will not stop trying to help his sister until she removes herself from her disgraceful husband.

Anna, on the other hand is taking her own stand. She is remaining faithful to her husband through yet another scandal and refuses to step away from her marriage. She believes in her marriage and the love they have created and share together and doesn’t want to part ways. Anna has learned of Josh’s indiscretions and has forgiven him and it looks like she is about to follow the same line of thinking now that more of his secrets have been revealed to the world. It seems that Josh’s lack of good judgment and irresponsibility and imprudence regarding his marriage are worthy of a second chance. She is staying put in her marriage and will aid in whatever help is deemed necessary to make him whole once again.

Anna and Josh Duggar were a very happy little family. During these years they have created a strong bond between themselves, lived away from the family, and enjoyed expanding their family unit until news of his teenage molestation of five young girls hit the airways. During those three months when the truth of his childhood actions was exposed many things changed for them. Josh lost his job, the family was forced to move back to Arkansas, new employment wasn’t available due to the allegations that were spreading like wildfire and they secluded themselves in their new home to both get away from the social media stories and to protect their children from harm’s way.

Josh did admit that he was cheating on his wife Anna and viewing pornography on the internet which eventually became a secret addiction for him. He confessed that his has been a hypocrite and that he has been unfaithful to his wife, his faith and his family values. Daniel Keller heard the same confessions, but isn’t as willing to give in to his lies and what he believes is a false and heartless way of saying he is sorry for his actions.

There is a huge difference in confessing your sins, asking for forgiveness to cleanse oneself from unrighteousness if you forsake your sins in order to have mercy; but instead Josh seems to have sinned, made confessions, many including Daniel believe are half-hearted and not as pure as proclaimed if he is going to continue to repeat those same sins over and over again. Mercy is gained for those who sin, confess and forsake those sins, not for those who have false confessions and repeat the same actions, never learning from their mistakes or how badly they are hurting all the members of their families.

One fan wrote a post on Twitter that she would be willing to set up a charity fund to help Anna and her children so they would have the means to move out if she didn’t want to accept the help from her brother. Even still, Anna is standing firm in her decision to stay with her husband and keep her family of six together through the thick and thin of everything that is currently happening to and against her husband Josh at this time in their lives. Is Anna doing the right thing by staying and sticking up for her husband amidst all the latest scandalous accusations and facts that have been revealed of late? The decision is hers and hers alone and fans, followers and family members have to also be strong that she is doing what she feels is best for her marriage, herself and that of her children.

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