Better Business Growth With Data Cleansing

Has your business been struggling with limited sales and reduced employee productivity? Have you tried everything in your power from marketing to employee perks but still can’t seem to figure out where the problem lies? Well, there might just be a solution to your problem that doesn’t cross the mind of most. Have you got the database of your organisation cleansed? If not, there is a major possibility that your business is getting hampered due to inefficient and irrelevant data due to lack of merge purge. Most people don’t realise the importance and urgency of data cleansing. Data cleansing plays a very important role in the overall growth of your business. We have put together the various reasons why data cleansing can be beneficial for your business. Here’s what you need to know:

Data Cleansing

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Reduces Repetition And Irrelevant Information
In any business organisation, information and data is everything. If you’re going to be stuck with irrelevant and unnecessary data, you’re only going to end up hampering your own business. Imagine running a telemarketing company. If your employees and telemarketers have been given lists of cold calling numbers that are all repetitive, it negates the point of making the calls. A bunch of telemarketers will probably end up calling the same uninterested client and by the end of the day, your organisation will see no customer conversion. To avoid such instances, you need to make sure that you do a regular data cleanse.

Increased Levels Of Productivity Amongst Employees
Data cleansing or data scrubbing can help in increasing the productivity and efficiency levels in your organisation. If the telemarketers in your organisation are repeatedly calling the same uninterested numbers, they are only going to get negative responses. Repeated negative responses and lack of customer conversions over prolonged time periods can prove to be extremely demotivating. Demotivated employees will only end up losing interest in their jobs and that will further result in reduced productivity. Demotivated employees will also face lack of job satisfaction in the organisation. If you want to prevent all of this from happening, you need to make sure that you do a regular data cleanse. Updated customer calling lists and data can help your employees convert customers quicker and faster. This will make your employees more confident and give them job satisfaction. An employee who is satisfied with his job will end up being far more productive than one who isn’t satisfied with his job.

Customers Will Be Happier
Another reason why data cleansing is essential for your company and business is that it can have a positive impact on your customers. If you’re going to have data that comprises of incorrect customer information, you will only end up putting your customer off. At the end of the day, every customer likes to feel special when he is giving you regular business. You need to have correct and accurate data of your customer. You need to make sure that his name is spelt out right on letters and invoices and any holiday cards that you send out and so on. If you’re going to make mistakes with basic customer information, it is only going to look bad on the part of your organisation. Hence, if you want to keep your customers satisfied and make sure that their egos are pampered, you need to make sure that you have a database that is up to date.

Manufacturing Process

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Helps In The Manufacturing Process
If you have a manufacturing business that depends on customer demand, you need to have accurate data and information. If the data and information that you have for customer demand is inaccurate, you will only end up making a loss for yourself. If your data is not updated and the old numbers show that your customer demand is for 100 units, you will end up manufacturing 100 units on the basis of the existing data you have. However, if as per the data cleanse, the actual requirement is 80 units and you end up manufacturing 100 because you didn’t do a thorough data cleanse, you will only end up with additional stock. Additional stock will require warehousing. Warehousing will result in increased costs and overproduction can result in business losses. Hence, data cleansing is very important if you want your business to be profitable and you want the manufacturing process to be on track.

Helps With Customer Service
If you’re going to have databases that are not regularly updated, it may have a major negative impact on your customer service department. If your customer service executives are stuck with lists of irrelevant and unimportant data, they will not be able to do their jobs properly and they will not be able to attend to existing customers in a quick and efficient manner. To prevent such a thing from happening, you need to make sure that you conduct regular data cleanses. A data cleanse will provide your customer service team with up to date information and it will enable them to perform their jobs in a better and more efficient manner.

Elimination of irrelevant and unimportant data is absolutely necessary. If you want your business to grow and flourish, you need to make sure that you have a database that is updated and accurate. Businesses that have all their departments in order, all their accounts in order and so on have often ended up facing severe business losses but haven’t been able to figure out why. In many of such cases, the cause of business losses is lack of data cleansing. You can now prevent your business from getting hampered by making sure that the business data is up to date. If you haven’t been able to figure out the cause of reduced productivity in employees and a downward spiral in sales, you need to look into your information and database and start updating it and cleansing it for the long-term safety of your organisation. When upgrading the database, make sure that you include employees in the process so that they are able to give you information about repetition in data that they may have come across.

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