New 2018 Skinny Fiber Review

Misrepresentation of a product can sometimes be based on people’s perception or by manufacturer’s intentional accident. Despite the cursive writing and the pink color, Skinny Fiber is not for women only. The drawn figure of a woman should not be taken as an exclusive women’s product. Skinny fiber is for everyone who wants to lose weight.

What is Skinny Fiber?
Skinny Fiber is a weight loss product that promises to:

  • Effectively suppress appetite
  • Help the digestive system by giving a healthy dose of antioxidants to the body

The mention of antioxidants can easily perk up people’s interest but does not have anything correlated with weight loss. Helping the digestive and immune system will not lead to weight loss which product claims to do. The “proprietary blend” and the “much more” descriptions Skinny Fiber describes its formulation is vague and does not say how it can make people lose weight. It seems more like a description to fill up space which is not seen with top weight loss products.

Who’s the manufacturer of Skinny Fiber?
Skinny Body Care owns the formula of Skinny Fiber. No information about the facility is mentioned in the official website although it gives out a lot of addresses. Looking at the bottle, however, gives you information that the company can be found in Flower Mound, Texas.

100% commitment to giving the best available products to people is the company’s vision. This commitment is posted next to a picture of a group of people smiling with the thumbs up sign as an assertion to the truth of the statement.

Skinny Fiber can be purchased through third-party distributors and retailers at brick and mortar stores, online or in person. The interesting part is that Skinny Fiber could not be purchased through their official website. You can only buy the product only from the distributors. This method of marketing is similar to MLM marketing practices.

This is a sale tactic that somehow makes it hard for people to purchase. If you don’t happen to know any distributors, would that mean that you can’t buy it at all? The curious thing about this whole marketing strategy is that you can purchase it from Amazon yet, becomes harder to do if you go to the official website. This can be confusing because if you can buy it from a third party retailer, why the need for an independent distributor?

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How can the formula work for weight loss?
Weight loss happens when the following are addressed:

  • A boost in metabolism rates
  • Fat-burning
  • Increased energy levels
  • Suppress the appetite
  • Thermogenesis activation

These are the five important points that must be addressed by a weight loss supplement to make the product effective. With Skinny Fiber though, only one of this is addressed.

The two ingredients featured in their website claims to suppress the appetite and curb all thoughts of food. Glucomannan and caralluma are the ingredients that, granted, are popular ingredients for diet supplements. Yet, their popularity does not offer ample evidence that it can effectively address the weight loss issues. Cha de bugre is another addition to the formula that is not backed by sufficient evidence for weight loss.

There are no featured scientific or clinical studies on the official website to back the weight loss claim. The information provided on the official website is so sketchy, making the weight loss promise almost unbelievable.

Numerous customer complaints make us conclude that the product does not deliver on its promise.

Possible side effects
One of the choking hazardous ingredients known is Glucomannan. Ingesting the product can potentially lodge it in the esophagus. Any product that contains Glucomannan needs to be taken with a lot of water.

Caralluma also has the potential to give bad side effects including stomach pain, bloating, and constipation. However, bad side effects with long-term use have not been established.

Everything seems to be confusing about Skinny Fiber. This includes issues of little information about how the ingredients can help people lose weight. Not easily purchased is another issue that makes the product unattractive and unsalable. Some products we’ve reviewed often failed after we’ve fully researched their details. Skinny Fiber, on the other hand, failed right off on the initial research. We could say therefore that losing weight cannot be helped at all by Skinny Fiber.

Our top weight management supplement pick for 2018
If Skinny Fiber fell under the mark, here is a weight management supplement that will readily meet all your weight loss goals. Using this product will be an easy, safe, healthy, and effective way of melting off unwanted pounds.

What is it?
Our highly recommended weight management supplement is Sletrokor. What is our basis for giving this particular product a top mark? Here are the things you are guaranteed to benefit from Sletrokor:

  • Effectively and safely reduces emotional eating
  • Increases metabolism rates
  • Reduces Cortisol levels, the stress hormone that brings on binge eating
  • Enhanced fat-burning

How safe is it?
The product consists only of high-grade natural ingredients to make it safe, healthy, and effective for everyone. The absence of side effect feedback from users is a great testimonial to the safe use of Sletrokor.

Who makes Sletrokor?
The creator and manufacturer of Sletrokor are 18Nutrition, an American company with a facility located in Los Angeles, California. The company has become known for its health supplements that have proven safe, healthy, and effective. There has been no customer complaints, lawsuits, and their 100% money-back guarantee is rock-solid.

The final verdict
There’s no contest at all between Skinny Fiber and Sletrokor. Sletrokor wins it all hands down. The product has solidified its position as the top one in weight loss management for its consistent track record. Positive feedback from users says it all for this safe and effective product.

It goes without saying that a healthy diet and a good exercise program still hold the key to an effective and safe way to lose weight. A weight management supplement such as Sletrokor can, however, be the best partner to have to reach the weight loss goal easily and safely.

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