CGear Sandlite Is The Sand Free Mat

You go to the beach, run around kicking up sand or hit the water and then decide to sit down. So you’ve put a blanket or something like that down on the sand first. But there’s still plenty of sand, because it’s on you — all the sand that’s managed to grab hold of those cracks and crevices your body’s got is coming along for the ride. The result is that you’ll be spending more time trying to brush the sand off than enjoying yourself. Unless you have the CG Sandlite, that is.

The NAME is a beach mat, so that’s pretty obvious in what you’re going to do with it — put it down on the beach and sit on it. You’ve got it rolled up, but it’s no big deal to unroll it and then reverse the process when it’s time to leave. But what’ IS a big deal is how this mat is handling the sand that inevitably is going to be a bother. Forget that — the weave of the mat is such that the material allows sand to pass right through, through for sure you might be helping that along with a few brushes of your hand. The technology (yeah, tech isn’t just electronic gizmos) is such that the sand can’t reverse itself and come back up — it’s a one way trip only. Which is really good for those seated. And no, you can’t see some big holes for the sand to “fall” through, making it more of a David Copperfield-like trick. The mat looks like any mat should. It just doesn’t work like others do.

Plus you don’t have to worry that getting water on it (or spilling a drink) means it’s going through to give you a wet spot — the liquid will bead up on the surface so that lets it get wiped away easily. Oh, its construction also lets wind blow through, rather than lifting it up and blowing it away. Good to know but even better to have it happening. And while it’s durable and you’ll know that it’s there when picked up, overall it’s rather lightweight compared to what you’d expect

The CGear Sandlite comes in three sizes (Small/3’4” x 6’6”/2.3 lbs., Medium/5’1” x 6’6”/3.7 lbs., Large/6’6” x 6’6”/4.8 lbs.) and 7 assorted colors (some being Navy, Red Lobster, Green Triangle among others). So you can pick the size that best suits your needs. Prices range from $49.99 to $84.99, depending on size.

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