See It All With The Wunder360 C1 360-Degree Camera

Smartphones have made shooting video easy, but if you’re tired of just seeing a monocular view of what is ahead of you, then you want the Wunder360 C1 360-Degree Camera. Because it sees all around you in 360 degrees.

Now a 360 degree camera sounds intimating — for sure they used to be difficult to use — but the Wunder360 blows that out of the water but first how you use it seems the place to start. So you’re going to carry it around when you’re shooting, but handheld is limiting. Maybe you’ll put it on a helmet (like folks do with GoPro cameras) or you might just stick it onto a tripod that you can plop down whenever/wherever you want to use it: say on the picnic blanket in a park or near the jungle gym as the kids work off all that excess energy. Or traveling on a bike or hiking or just leisurely strolling. You turn it on and it takes over by not just shooting 2 fisheye views, but also combining that which is being shot into a seamless look on its own. Which gets stored into a microSD card. Big problem solved and you’ve not done a thing.

All this sounds good, except for those who remember all the times they handheld their video only to watch it later with it looking like it was on a roller coaster. Maybe that’s why it has built-in video stabilization so what you’re watching doesn’t get your stomach churning. The designers also got it in their heads that it would be good if the camera, since no one is looking through it as it shoots, could make sure that the center of attention doesn’t get replaced by a crowd. So yes you can look and pick the point of interest (example: a person) in the shot and have the camera’s A.I. take over and track the person during the shot — making sure they stay in focus and get the attention they deserve (yeah it’s like having a gimbal working without having one there). Besides, shooting 360 means pretty much you’re not aiming when it’s a quick shoot and you get everything. And sure there’s microphones built in, but it’s really all about the view.

Now if you wondered how a smartphone app ties in, well obviously it’s got editing power and other needed buttons to control what has been shot — because this camera has a tiny panel to show battery level and other pertinent info and a button to start it going right away. You want to do stuff with the video shot and not wait to pop the microSD card into a card reader on a computer? Then use its 5G Wi-Fi to transfer video over (or slower via the 2.4GHz band if no other choice). The app also has such features as ViewPilot for reframing a video from 360 into conventional and Little Planet for turning what’s been shot into a birds-eye view. Plus the ultra cool Phantom Clipper which “breaks down” the video of a person in action into segmented parts. Of course the app doesn’t cost and works with both iOS and Android (depending on the smartphone maker).

The Wunder360 C1 360-Degree Camera also takes 4K 360 degree photos (videos are 3K resolution), can do social live streaming and gives you about an hour of shooting time. Even its unique looking hourglass shape stands out from others. But better than all that is how it does what it’s supposed to and does it so well. it retails for $149.00.

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