What is Daily Two Cents

Daily Two Cents is an article site where people can find interesting articles that entertain and inform and writers can publish their knowledge and get paid for it.

Writers do not need an Adsense account or Amazon account (although they CAN use their own Amazon links if they choose to) in order to get paid. That means that you don’t have to wait for people to click on an advertisment in your post or buy something from one of your links. You get paid 1/2 a cent for every single unique view that you get.

Who Are We?

MichelleMichelle Harlow – writer, blogger, ubergeek, beta tester; she has been writing online for pay since ’94 part time and full time since 2009. She’s especially knowledgeable on all things SEO.
62149_10151158801640598_5549284_nDanielle McGaw – freelance writer, blogger, social media junkie, book author; working online since 2006, full time since 2010. Danielle has written on some of the best residual income writing sites (first was WritingUp) and loves to create articles that people love to share.


Daily Two Cents Goals

To create a site that is long-standing and sustainable with quality content, good SEO focus, and an appreciation for writers. An article site is NOTHING without writers!

Why write at Daily Two Cents?

– $5 threshhold

– only 100 words minimum required per post!

– pay per unique view

– quality content site

– awesome community

– helpful and responsive support

– a site run by writers!

– contests and incentives

– outside links allowed

– fun tools: review module, recipe module, quizzes, social polls, easy add videos, highlighted text boxes…and more to come!

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