Chevy Silverado Free Resources for Repair Guides

Keep your Silverado moving forward with quality replacement parts and free repair guides. Whether you’re looking for the symptoms of a bad MAF sensor or have a cracked flexplate, use these free resources and convenient online order to get started with your next repair project.

How To Fix a Damaged Flexplate & Ring Gear

A flexplate is essential for operating your truck. This durable piece is found on trucks with an automatic transmission. Bolted to the crankshaft, the flexplate is used to turn the torque converter of your transmission. It powers the hydraulic pump and allows your truck to make use of all that horsepower.

The outside of the flexplate is a ring gear. This geared outer edge is turned by the starter motor, similar to a flywheel on a manual transmission. Unlike a flywheel, however, a flexplate is relatively thin. Extreme stress can crack or wear your flexplate.

Look for signs of cracks around the bolt holes of your flexplate. These can be caused by vibrations or just metal fatigue. Over time, they can cause this essential component to break. Review a Chevy Silverado flexplate & ring gear repair guide to learn more about this component, signs of damage and where you can turn to replace it.

Be sure you have the exact flexplate for your Silverado. These specialized components change depending on the make, model and year of your truck, and an incorrect flexplate can be ineffective or dangerous. Because these components are thinner than flywheels, you should use care and follow the repair guide before removing and replacing yours.

What To Do When Your MAF Sensor Goes Bad

Another maintenance issue with a Chevy Silverado is a bad MAF sensor. This sensor checks the amount of air that’s entering your intake manifold and sends a signal to your engine control module. It uses this signal to adjust the amount of fuel injected, which keeps your engine operating smoothly and efficiently.

An failed MAF sensor can be cleaned or replaced. Look for signs of a damaged sensor. You’ll typically experience these engine issues:

  • Hard starting
  • Jerking acceleration
  • Lean or rich idling
  • Unexpected stalling

Clean your sensor with a specialized cleaning spray found at your local auto parts store. If this doesn’t restore your engine performance, replace the sensor with an OEM or aftermarket replacement. Be sure to shop for a sensor that’s suited for your year of Silverado, otherwise it may not solve the issue.

A new sensor should remove the check engine light and performance issues. There are other sensors and components that may cause similar performance issues, so continue to search for the issue if a new sensor doesn’t solve your engine troubles. Have your OBD-II error code read at your local auto parts store to learn more about the source of the issue.

Find a new flexplate, MAF sensor and other Chevy Silverado auto parts online for affordable prices and convenient shipping options. Search based on the part you need and input your year of Chevy Silverado to enjoy easy ordering of all your essential parts and equipment.