Find Out Why Customers Are Happy and Satisfied With accessiBe

Web accessibility is a big deal, and one of the major players helping to bring this important topic to the masses is accessiBe. Importantly, they also offer a solution and we’ve heard good things about the service. We did a little more research and the following is a summary of comments from those that have used the service:

accessiBe’s uncomplicated setup is a big hit with existing customers. Getting the service set up and installed on their website is even possible for those without technical knowhow. One of the customers said that the product was fantastic because of its straightforward accessibility and implementation. The product also gives them the actual solution that they need. Another customer advised that the product is an “all-rounder for accessibility”, as it is extremely intuitive and can be navigated easily even for those who are not knowledgeable in technology.

With accessiBe, it is not just the program that is easily accessible but also their support team, which was “incredibly handy” from the first phone call until the last process was implemented, says one of the customers.

The service provides solutions to customers as they are able to supply certificates of compliance to their own customers to prove that they have completed the WCAG compliance. It also benefits them because there is a straightforward post-launch maintenance for continuous compliance needs. Customers were also able to cater to more users than before.

In general, customers are happy and satisfied on how user-friendly, intuitive and accessible the product is. Customer support is also well regarded and are willing and able to assist customers whenever they need help.