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Personal Finance Tips For Those With Disabilities

Personal Finance Tips

Personal Finance Tips

If a disability keeps you from being able to maintain a 9 to 5 job, you aren’t down for the count.  The main pathway to financial comfort may be inaccessible, but you still have many other avenues to explore.  

Your future is bright, and your options are wide.  You simply have to infuse your mind with the proper knowledge.  Here is a brief overview of a few valuable personal finance tips for those with disabilities that will help you live a more comfortable life.  

File for workers’ compensation benefits

Your shot at workers’ compensation benefits comes with filing an initial accident report with your employer as soon as possible after your injury occurs.  Being disabled from a work-induced injury means that you are entitled compensation for your loss.

Your employer is required to carry insurance for just this purpose.  There should be no dispute against your claims for reparation. If they do dispute your workers’ compensation benefits, then hire a lawyer that specializes in this department to get you what you deserve.  

Apply for other government programs

Bridge the gaps in your income, and apply for other government funded benefits.  You can get SNAP (or food stamp) benefits to help supplement your grocery budget.  There is also a program aimed towards helping low income families pay their energy bills.  

Get in the know about the various resources you have at your disposal, and do what you can to take advantage of the safety nets provided to you.  The programs are there for a reason, and you can let them help you.

Cut unnecessary costs from the budget

Living with a disability means that you may not be able to afford everything your heart desires.  You may need to sit down and reformulate your monthly/weekly budget.  

Cut out some of the unnecessary costs, and save whenever possible.  Becoming more of a frugal individual will help you provide more financial stability for yourself and your household.  

Look into freelance opportunities

If you can’t do the job you used to do, that doesn’t mean you can’t earn money in other ways.  The internet provides a valuable resource for individuals who wish to work remotely and on their own terms.  You can dig up a side gig online in no time.

Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (or SSDI) will help you pay for your monthly medications and other recurring costs due to your condition.  

You are entitled to at least two-thirds of your regular income, and the payments should begin rather quickly once you are approved for benefits.  You could boost your income by more than $1,000 a month if you are approved for SSDI benefits.