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3 Tips for Designing an Outdoor Getaway on Your Deck

For many homeowners, a deck is an incredible addition to the home. A large deck can add significant value to the property, increasing your asking price when it’s time to sell. More importantly, it can provide you and your family a much-needed place for retreat and a fantastic space for entertaining. 

Don’t waste the extra square footage outside of your home. Turn it into your very own slice of heaven with these tips. 

1. Built-in Grill and Bar 

There’s nothing that screams luxury and class than a few built-in amenities like a bar and grill. It will give the feeling of a restaurant or bar in your backyard, and your home will be the designated spot for community cook-outs. 

The first item of business will be to purchase your grill. You have the option of installing a built-in grill or buying a portable unit that you can move around. You’ll want to compare the two options and weigh the pros and cons before deciding. 

A wet bar is also a must-have for your luxury retreat. Whether you’re serving a nightcap to your guests or passing around sodas to all the kids, you’ll want a refrigerator and sink. This is an involved installation, and you’ll want to ask a plumber and electrician to ensure the installation is correct and safe. 

2. Set Your Seating Area 

Of course, great food and drinks are nothing without a comfortable place to relax. Proper outdoor seating can be difficult to come by. You need an attractive set of furniture that’s both comfortable and durable. All too often, patio furniture claims to be waterproof and weather resistant, but after a few months in the elements, it loses its color and can even attract mold or mildew. 

Choose high-quality furniture that has waterproof covering that’s fade resistant. Look for padding that’s at least three inches thick–otherwise, it will sag and become quickly uncomfortable. Consider customized built-in furniture to ensure you get what you’re looking for. 

3. Improve the Atmosphere 

Outdoor living can be very fun, but all it takes is too much sun or a lot of bugs to ruin a good party. A few simple updates to the arena will help to minimize those problems. 

For the sun, a pergola is a lovely option. You can cover them with a climbing vine plant or fabric to minimize exposure on the deck. An umbrella is another great choice if you want something mobile that won’t block your view. 

You can set up tiki torches, citronella candles, deck sprays, and other bug repellents to keep those pesky bites away. These aren’t 100 percent effective, but it does help, and you’ll enjoy many nights on your glorious deck without the threat of biting insects. 

These steps are simple and few, but they’re a great start to building the outdoor retreat of your dreams!