5 Ways to Avoid Being trapped while Gaming Online

Online gaming, just like every other online activity, is a target for cyber criminals to commence their practices for ever a decade now. Online gaming has given an opportunity to millions of people online to play their favourite games together. 

Such has been the impact of the gaming industry going online that the range of playing games has increased massively. From getting to learn poker to playing a game of FIFA or a battlefield game, all are now available with the live multiplayer format. 

It thus becomes very important for players to keep their data secure while gaming online. Here are five ways which can effectively help you stay out of the malpractices in the in the online gaming world:

1. Play Anonymously

It is suggested to avoid posting pictures or/and any personal information on any online gaming platform. These make you a target for someone looking to take advantage of your personal information. Although it is a tough task these days to remain anonymous over the internet, you should always be very cautious while sharing your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with the public. 

If another player in an online game harrasses you in any way, do not indulge in that but always be sure to post a complaint about it. Keeping a record of their activities will also be helpful to you in posting your complaint. Anyone asking for any kind of private information is a sign that you should stop playing with them. Your safety is prime & no matter how friendly someone might sound over the internet, DO NOT share any private information with them.

2. Avoid downloading from free websites

Downloading a game without having to pay for it from a free website or from a torrent link might sound easy, cheap & fun. But it might just cost you a lot of private data leakage. You might get your game for free, but there is a high chance those files contain some malicious files that might put your data privacy at risk. Is saving those nominal amounts of money really worth risking your privacy? 

This also implies any links you might receive in an email, a chat room message or a forum message from another gamer containing free links to download a game. These links are more often than not mods created by players online & might end up in eating up your console with viruses instead.

3. Join only a Secure Gamer Server

Online games are vulnerable to being compromised just like everything else connected to an internet server. Any server that is being accessed by cyber criminals can take away data from your personal computer as well through the medium of the online game. This will happen without you having a clue of it. 

Have confidence in the game you play online. Research for any game you play online, doesn’t matter if it’s a game of Texas Hold’em Poker or a heavy duty battlefield game. The cyber criminals can get access to your computer, PII & other devices connected to your network. 

4. Avoid unethical measures

There will always be players who try to cheat the system. Using mods or bots to boost their in-game performances & exploit the bugs & errors in the games’ code. Also a lot of players would scam real currencies to get paid in-game items for free. These are all unethical measures of gaming & can lead you to trouble.

Always steer clear of using any sort of malpractice in online gaming. Report anyone you find using a mod or an in-game hack. Also report players or people who offer you cheats or hacks. Your account can be suspended or banned if caught using these hacks.

5. Take Regular breaks. 

Getting stuck into the virtual world is easy. Players spend hours & hours per day gaming, sitting in-front of their screens. This is not a healthy behaviour though. Give yourself a break from time to time. Pause your game, go out for a walk, take a shower, enjoy a healthy meal. Obsessing over a game would tire your mind & your body if you do not give yourself the required breaks. 

 Resting also improves your decision-making process as you might wear-out after hours of continuous gaming. If a game or an event looks shady to you while gaming online, get up, give it a thought & act accordingly.