Marketing – Marketing Options if You Can’t Afford to Invest

There is no doubt about it that since my business has been using the team at, we have seen a huge increase in both sales and profits. For many years however my business simply just didn’t have enough money to outsource this area of the business and whilst I always knew that marketing was powerful, I just couldn’t free up the funds. If you are in the same boat that I was, and can’t afford to hire a superb digital marketing firm, then don’t worry as there is still much that you can do to drive customers to your business, without massive investment. 

Social Media 

Social media is the obvious place to start here as it gives users the chance to speak directly with existing and potential customers, and market to them without spending any money. Many businesses look to go down this route and for a small business it makes so much sense. If we take Facebook as an example, there are literally millions of people using that social media channel each and every day. If you are able to design cool and creative content for your social media page then you can bring in lots of new customers and see solid success. 

Promotional Marketing 

Promotional marketing is going to cost you money but you won’t have to spend anything up front. This technique has been around for a long time and the only difference which the internet has brought about is the manner by which we market in this way. Using a coupon site you can offer a cut price deal on your products, usually this will be the cost of the product without the profit that you would usually make. The idea is that someone takes advantage of the offer, loves the product or service which you provide and then they come back again in the future, this time paying full price. Coupon sites are extremely popular and there is a wide range of people who you can target through this method. 

Email Marketing 

You could do email marketing campaigns on your own but they are very time consuming, so the best way is to invest a small amount of money into software which can do it for you. Through email marketing campaigns you will be able to pitch to potential customers, you can also re-market and stay in touch with your existing customers. Emails are personal, they can be loaded with information and any marketing campaign should have its foundations in email marketing for maximum success. The key to making this a successful campaign is to do plenty of research around what emails should look like, how they should be written, when they should be sent and how to monitor the engagement which your emails get. 

Not having a big budget for digital marketing shouldn’t prevent your business from still being able to use the internet to promote yourself, until you have the funds to outsource.