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How to Use accessibility overlay to Help Your Business

The world has changed so much over the past two years. Who would have thought that a virus would turn into a pandemic that shut down the world? Unfortunately, many businesses have suffered the consequences of this virus and have had to close. Even those that have managed to survive, for the most part, have suffered losses. Having an online presence has been a lifeline for many companies and has been what has kept them afloat. Many who own businesses have been so caught up in just trying to survive that they may not have taken the time, or felt able to make the time, to make their website accessible. And yet this should not be overlooked. It is important for everyone, not just those who are disabled, that you get your website accessible as soon as possible. To help with this, an accessibility overlay could be just what you need.

Why is it so important?

There are many reasons it is something to address now and not to put off. The most crucial reason is that it will benefit those who are disabled. No disabled person should ever feel that they are being shut out and left behind when trying to access a website that other members of the public can access freely. It is the right thing to do to respect their needs, just as we do for others. 

But the benefits are not just for the disabled. There are multiple benefits for your company too. The most important being that it could prevent you from breaking the law. That’s right. In most countries, there are now legal requirements to make your website accessible to the disabled. But that isn’t all. It isn’t only governments that are on the case. Search engines also take note of accessible websites and will rank them higher meaning the potential for more visitors to your website. Then factor in that a large percent of the world’s population are disabled (over 15%) and if they all have access to your website, you can expect more visitors from this too. 

Then there are also the benefits to those who already visit your site and any members of the general public. An accessible website is easier and more pleasing for anyone to view. An accessibility solution I often benefit from is the use of subtitles on videos when I am holding a sleeping baby in my arms. Get the idea?


An accessible website is not something you should put off. Protect yourself legally and start reaping the benefits, at the same time passing those benefits on to any visitors to your site, most importantly, those who are disabled. Using an accessibility overlay is the quickest, most cost-effective solution to getting an accessible website for your company.