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Looking Into The Benefits of Short Term Corporate Housing

If you are heading to a new town or city for business then the best advice I can give you is to look into some short term corporate housing. This is the perfect way in which you can spend more than a week away from home, without getting sick to the back teeth of the same look of a hotel. As great as hotels are in the short term, they can get pretty boring pretty quickly and they don’t offer anywhere near the benefits which you can get if you were to stay in a short term property which is designed for people who are covering sabbaticals or doing some short term work in another location.

These are just some of the benefits which you can count on when you do decide to stay in a property such as this.

Home From Home

Above all else the idea of these kinds of properties is to offer you something of a home from home. This is why they are equipped with kitchens and with washing machines, and why they have lounge areas and bedrooms, so that you really have a sense of home comforts. Hotels of course can’t offer this unless you are prepared to spend big, which is why a short term rental is a better idea.

Money Saving

No matter whether this is you paying for the trip or your company is, ultimately it is going to offer you quite the cost saving versus a hotel. Food, accommodation and even the basics of living are just so much cheaper and easier when you are doing things in this way.

Heart of the Action

What we invariably find with these business hotels is that they are situated in business areas which may very well be close to offices, but which are in fact absolutely miles away from any kind of action. Corporate short term property owners understand the needs of their customers and so will ensure that those properties are just as close to the office as they are to the bars, restaurants, gyms and shops.


One of my favorite things about being in these places is that they are managed in such a way which ensures that you feel incredibly comfortable. In order to do this they will offer you a personalized service which just makes you feel that little bit more special and that little bit more cared for. I have to say that sometimes you will stay in a place which falls short of this, but in the main they are always attentive when you need them, and they can help you with any queries or issues which you may have during your stay with them.

As I said, hotels very much have their place but after a while, the short term rental becomes the only place where you should be looking at spending your time whilst you are away with work. Next time you go away, why not check them out!