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Misha Kaura – What Qualities Do You Need to be a Leader?

Contrary to what many people think, you can still be a great leader even if you aren’t a natural born leader. It will take some work of course, but you can most definitely learn the skills and attributes which you need to be a strong leader. My friend Misha Kaura is a perfect example of this, she wasn’t a natural born leader but she knew she wanted to run her own business and so she hustled and learned, and now Misha is the strong and successful leader of her own company. If you want to become a leader then here are the qualities which you are going to need. 


Confidence plays a huge role in leadership because you are going to be dealing with many different characters and you need to have the confidence in your decisions and in your manner, to show that you are the leader. This is were many people struggle, and the laws of nature are difficult to get around if you don’t have confidence. To gain confidence you need practice and you should try to put yourself into situations which can help your confidence to flourish. 


The key to being a great leader is to have mutual respect between your team and you, one aspect of gaining that respect is being honest. Now there are of course times where brutal honesty isn’t called for, but in the main you should be telling people like it is. People respect someone who is honest and someone who rights their wrongs and to be a great leader this is something which you should display. 

Motivate and Inspire

The key to being a leader comes down to your ability to motivate and inspire. This is tricky because everyone reacts in different ways when you try to motivate them, so your challenge will be to learn to understand what people need in order to get them going, and then tap into that. 


There are different ways to lead and each person find their own path, with this being said however, being an example is something which you have to do as a leader and that is why drive and passion are so important. It is all well and good getting your team up for the task, but if they don’t see you motivated then they are going to struggle to find motivation themselves, regardless of what you have said to them. You shod be on it everyday and bringing people with you. 

Forward Thinking 

Never forget that being a great leader, is about leading your team, this is why you have to always have one eye on the horizon whilst everyone else is focusing on the present. Looking ahead as a leader will help you to spot both opportunities and danger, and this is the exact type of attribute which sets leaders apart from the rest. 

Work hard on your skills and you can achieve anything that you want, including becoming a great leader.