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Modern Tools to Improve Your Board Meetings: Board Portal Software

Having a more engaged and organized board of directors is one of the surest ways a company can improve their performance. Whether you’re a fledgling private company or a publicly-traded company answerable to shareholders, getting more from your directors drives better overall results.

Some of the ways boards need to change and adapt will be unique, since no two industries are alike. But now there is software specifically designed to give your directors powerful and secure tools to communicate and collaborate and that supplies everything you need to run better board meetings.

Read on to see how board portal software can improve your company’s board meetings today.

Better Board Meeting Prep

Organizations run better board meetings when they improve what they’re doing between meetings. Adopting board portal software gives you an automatic edge, because only 32% of boards in North America use board portal software currently, and it has been proven to deliver real results quickly. Here are a few ways it can improve preparedness for meetings.

Board portal software allows admins to prep board packages in minutes, not hours. With the click of a button, admins can upload and aggregate board packages, swap in new documents, and alert board directors to any new changes. No matter how hectic their schedules, board portal software keeps your directors organized at all times.

Board portal software also allows directors to confidentially collect input from other directors before meetings, and add notes to board materials for their personal use or to share. Discussions inside the app allow for detailed collaboration.

Board chairs can even call for voting and signatures on demand and results can be tabulated in real time.

Directors Can Collaborate, Stay Informed

Board portal software gives your directors powerful tools to work together, even if they’re in different cities. Directors can easily read, annotate, and share all board documents.

Stored in one centralized hub are all the meeting materials you could possibly need, such as agendas, attendance reports, minutes from past meetings, and upcoming board materials. The software is cloud-based, so you can access it all from anywhere in the world — you can even work offline, as the best board portals sync up automatically when connected to Wi-Fi.

Total Security

Board portal software is all highly encrypted. Companies can decide where they’d like to store their data, and the servers on which it’s stored adhere to third-party certification requirements.

If a company-issued device gets stolen, all its board data can be wiped remotely. Hackers won’t be able to access the software, and your company’s data will always be safe.

Board directors face a lot of pressure — they’re entrusted with the authority to make decisions which affect the company’s employees, customers, clients, and stockholders. The best modern tools will dramatically improve your company’s board meetings and performance, which in turn will filter down and drive better results for all.