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Roger Wolfson – Tips to Write Scripts Before Applying For TV Writing Roles

Given the success that we have seen with the likes of Netflix, TV is slowly becoming more popular than film. This has inspired a great number of people to look at picking up the pen, and beginning a TV writing career of their own. It is not easy to match the great TV writers like Roger Wolfson however, and the key is in how you go about practicing and getting experience in writing scripts. Many think that you learn on the job and whilst this is usually the case, there is a lot of merit to getting things off to a good start, before you even begin to apply for positions.

Here are some things which you could be doing, ahead of applying for any kind of job in this field.

Rewriting Scripts

One excellent practice which you could start to do is rewriting existing scripts from great TV scenes. It is hard to write speech and this method enables you to go behind the scene and understand how the original writer did what they did. Pick your favorite TV show and a scene which you like, then write out what the characters are saying. This will really help you to understand how to write and how the professionals do it best.

Adding Your Own Touch

When you do write one of those famous scenes, first write it out exactly as the scriptwriters intended. Once you have done this, try adding something of your own into the scene. This could be a different ending to it, a new joke or perhaps even just something extra in the middle which you feel could add something great to the scene. Because you already have the format of the scene, all you have to do is add the creative bit, within the same structure.

Recording Conversations

Try recording conversations which you have with family and friends, or even people in the street and in stores. If you do this you can get a grip on how people actually speak, and this can help you to understand more when writing out scripts. Very often conversations can look strange on the page, but if you know that you have taken it form an actual conversation which you have had then you can feel confident in what you write going forward. Scriptwriting does involve creativity of course, but writing out natural language can be a great way to understand how to form your scenes.

Chancing Your Arm

Not all scriptwriters are excellent at comedy, some perhaps aren’t great at suspense or mystery and it is important that you are able to find your own lane. With this in mind it is well worth writing out different kinds of scenes and scripts so that you can understand where your talents lie, and which kind of writing you find easiest and most natural. This again will serve as great practice for you when you start writing as a job.