Top Tips for Finding and Choosing the Best Accountancy Service for Your Business

If you are thinking of contracting the services of an accounting firm for your business, you know that it is in your best interest to choose wisely. There are dozens of accounting firms serving different types of businesses in different industries, but you need to choose one that’s the right fit for your business. But before you go about your selection process, you should ask yourself if you need an accountant. You can do a lot of things yourself in terms of your financial records and transactions, but would you want to spend hours on end dealing with your finances? For a minimal fee per month, you can rely on someone else – a qualified and experienced specialist who can help you not just with accountancy but also with your taxes as well as other financial requirements. But how can you select the best one? Here are some top tips for finding and choosing the best accountancy service for your business.

  1. Go for a specialist in your sector

Although many qualified and experienced accountants can provide you with the service you need, there are specialists in various sectors that will be better-versed with your precise requirements in your niche. You can gain more benefits from hiring a specialist because they can provide you with a fixed package with a monthly charge, and this will often already include the preparation of your financial accounts, your tax returns, your payroll, and other statutory matters. Certain packages offer more, so make sure you confirm this with your prospective accountancy service. Look also for firms that can provide cloud-based solutions, whether they have their own or they make use of platforms like Xero or FreeAgent. This can save you more money and provide you with a better and more comprehensive service overall.

  1. Check out their professional experience and qualifications

This often goes without saying, but you should carefully check out their professional experience and qualifications, as confirmed by the experienced accountants in central London from Many firms will already have a team of chartered accountants, but you should also check for accreditation or membership to various organisations or authorities. With this, you can be sure that the firm follows a specific code of ethics and is updated with the latest regulations and guidelines in the industry.

  1. Consider the cost

The fees for accountancy services will vary, but it’s usually in the range of around £60 up to £120, depending on the package. You should, however, consider precisely what is included in a package if you are going for one so you can compare costs and the level of service you can expect. Some packages may seem more expensive because they are all-inclusive, but those which appear to be cheaper sometimes come with extra fees, so it might be wiser to opt for a seemingly more expensive one because you can get more value for your money.

  1. Ask for recommendations

It is also vital to ask for recommendations from other businesses that deal with or have dealt with the accountancy firm you have in mind. Their level of experience and qualifications will matter, but so will their professionalism and how they provide support, so make sure it is in line with your expectations as well.