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Ways to make casino experience last longer without spending more

The best and worst thing about casino gambling is that it can be incredibly addictive, and whilst this is usually nothing but a positive, if you aren’t very good at conserving your money whilst in the casino it will quickly come back to hurt you. You genuinely would not believe how easy it can be to blow through your finances too quickly in a casino, just ask the footballer Wayne Rooney, who reportedly blew 500k in 2 hours at a Manchester casino! 

But here’s the thing, there are a variety of ways to make the casino experience last longer without spending more, you just have to be clever about the kind of games you are playing, and also the way in which you structure your bets. It is always worth avoiding things like the Martingale bet strategy, for instance, as well as American roulette. Read King Casino guides to find out a little bit more about ways to make the casino experience last longer without spending more. 

Stick to a strict budget 

You probably hear this all the time, however it really is essential that gamblers set and stick to a strict budget before they begin gambling, or else it gets way too easy to spend more money than you have. This is the best way of avoiding that, and another good thing about sticking to a strict budget is that it will have you betting a lot more tactically. 

So before you embark on a gambling session we would strongly advise setting a budget, and being very strict with yourself over this too. In the vast majority of cases this one strategy alone can have you gambling for a lot longer without spending as much money. 

Play low variance slots 

If you are predominantly an online slot fanatic you are in a lucky position, because simple game choice can make it much easier for a gambling session to last longer without you spending more money. Luckily for us modern slot gamblers developers are now obliged to disclose the volatility of their slots, something that makes it easy to choose the best games to play as a low roller. 

Low variance slots make it easier for people to stack up loads of little wins from little bets, and in doing so you will naturally find yourself gambling for longer, but not actually spending any extra money

Avoid the Martingale bet strategy 

For one reason or another there is a cohort of gamblers who are constantly advocating things like the Martingale bet strategy, however this is something that we would really stay away from if you want to have longer gambling sessions without spending more money. You see, the problem with this method is that it requires you to double your bet after each loss, something that can very quickly get out of hand. 

On paper the Martingale bet strategy works perfectly, as it will instantly win you back any funds lost, but in reality it just doesn’t work like this.