What All the Top Resume Writers Say About Creating the Perfect Cover Letter

While applying to new jobs, we place so much focus on the resume that we often forget about the importance of the cover letter. Sure, including a cover letter along with a resume isn’t always necessary, but it’s a nice touch. In fact, a recent study performed by the top resume writers and resume writing services shows that an applicant is 50% more likely to land an interview when a cover letter is included. 

With so much competition in the job market and the difficulties involved in landing interviews, it’s difficult to ignore these odds. When in doubt about including a cover letter with your application, just do it. Even if you’re applying for a cashier job at McDonald’s, including a cover letter is a great way to showcase your professionalism and that you’re serious about the job. 

Not even sure how to go about writing a cover letter? That’s completely normal, and we’re here to help. Follow this advice from the top resume writers on how to craft the perfect cover letter to send along with your resume.

Start with the Basics

Just as you start with the basics in your resume, the same goes for a cover letter. At the very top of the page, you need to include all of the basic information about yourself, like your full name, professional title, and contact information (email, phone number, and address). Then beneath that you should include the current date and the title of the person reading the page as well as the name of the company you’re applying to. 

Professionalism is Key

Obviously this is a professional document, so it needs to be treated as such. This doesn’t just apply to the body text of the page, but literally everything found within the cover letter. For example, when you include your email within the contact details, make sure that it is a professional email address, versus a personal one. In other words, your email should read something like [email protected], and not something like [email protected]

Check Out Sample Cover Letters as a Template

This is a helpful tip for crafting the perfect resume, and it can also help when creating your top-notch cover letter. There is no shame in using another cover letter as a template, so start browsing the internet for examples to help you out. Look for cover letters written for similar job titles in your career field. You are more than welcome to take ideas from cover letter samples, just remember to never plagiarize. 

Do Your Research

Same as you would with a resume, you need to research the job title and the company before writing the cover letter. It’s important to know exactly what the job entails so that you can effectively show your worth – and show that you are better than all other applicants. Try to follow a three-paragraph format and include words and phrases from the job posting.