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Сan you dropship on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook is unquestionably one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. In 2019, the number of daily active Facebook users was more than 2 billion! That’s quite a lot of potential customers you can reach. However, the question is – can you dropship on Facebook Marketplace? That is what we will try to figure out in this article. 

The best online platforms for an ecommerce store: what should it be like? 

Your online store is going to represent your business, so you need to approach this aspect with diligence. Before we touch on the features of the Facebook Marketplace, let’s see the best way for you to establish an online store.

When starting an online business, one of the most important points any entrepreneur needs to focus on is selecting the right platform to base the online store upon. Most of your work will take place here, like processing orders and managing payments. So, what is the best platform for an ecommerce store? 

Your goal is to create a website that looks professional and visually appealing to the customer’s eye, is also convenient for marketing purposes, and at the same time, doesn’t require a lot of investments. Taking all of this into account, the perfect platform for an ecommerce site should be: 

  • Free to use or at least equipped with enough free options, so that you do not necessarily have to purchase a paid version 
  • Allowing to maintain 100% ownership of the website 
  • Providing the opportunity to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface 
  • Guaranteeing safe storage of the details of the transactions and various classified data 
  • Having a track record of successful usage in commercial purposes 
  • Allowing you to customize your ecommerce website, so that you have the best working conditions possible 

Now, let’s see if Facebook Marketplace meets these criteria!

Can you dropship on Facebook Marketplace?

Let’s examine how you can dropship on the Facebook Marketplace

At first, it may seem like a great idea to create a store on Facebook’s Marketplace as it offers several benefits to sellers. More and more ecommerce entrepreneurs are using Facebook as a promotional tool for their products, for engaging with customers and driving sales. Here are the benefits entrepreneurs can attain while using the Marketplace:

Effortless to use

One of the clear advantages is that sellers can easily list their goods. Provide useful information on the products, such as price and product description. The Marketplace is fast and simple to use. You can create new listings in a manner of minutes, quickly respond to customer questions, and seamlessly update the inventory. 

Access to communities 

Millions of active users utilize the Marketplace to search, buy, or sell products. The Marketplace algorithm personalizes the experience of every user and ensures that people see offerings in their area of residence. This implies that you are able to see sellers nearby.

Using the Marketplace, you can attract customers straight away, as long as they remain within reach. HOWEVER, if your goal is to expand your store’s reach on a global scale, creating a dropshipping store on the Marketplace might not be such a good idea after all. 

As you might have noticed, with all of its benefits, the Marketplace is still limited in its features. 

Though it is available in 50 countries, the limitations of shopping within a specific geographical location are what makes the Facebook Marketplace essentially impractical for a dropshipping business. 

All the restrictions and limitations that are presented on the Marketplace won’t make your dropshipping store a profitable business. Therefore, a much better option would be to turn to a more traditional and convenient solution – the one where you can demonstrate your products, safely complete payment transactions, and establish communications with your customers from anywhere in the world.

Most of the ecommerce platforms don’t have everything that is listed above. However, there is one solution that meets all these requirements – WordPress. 

Why would you prefer using WordPress to dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace? 

WordPress is perfect for creating and launching a dropshipping store, or any ecommerce business for that matter. What makes it so great? 

1. WordPress is free 

This is probably the reason why WordPress is so widely used. Though you can upgrade to a paid version, it is not necessary, as the base version has enough functions to create a fully working and appealing website. 

2. It is especially great for ecommerce  

More than half of the Internet users have chosen specifically this platform for their websites. You can see it in these stats

3. It is user-friendly 

WordPress is easy to understand and simple to use on a daily basis. What’s more, you don’t have to be a technical expert to manage it, as it is made specifically to provide the best experience. 

4. It goes with an extensive setup and maintenance manual

The tutorials created by the developers cover everything you might need to know from installation to setup and to use. Moreover, many regular WordPress users create their own guides to help other users. 

5. It’s compatible with many free themes and plugins for ecommerce sites  

If you want to improve the visuals of the site or install additional plugins to help your business performance, it is possible with a lot of free themes and plugins. 

So, it would seem that now you know the best platform for the establishment of your online store!

Hopefully, this article was informative and these insights will help you in the creation of your own dropshipping business. As you can see, it makes little to no business sense to dropship on Facebook Marketplace even though this social network is crucial for the means of your business promotion and advertising. Using the Marketplace, it is simply impossible to reach your specific business goals. While Facebook is perfect for reaching out, engaging with potential customers, and showcasing your products and services, WordPress is indispensable in terms of your business establishment and management. We wish you the best of luck to you in your business endeavours!