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3 Ways To Save Money By Using Less Water At Home

Regardless of how much money you make, it’s always a perk when you can find ways to save on your monthly expenses, especially when saving on these monthly expenses also means that you’re reducing your impact on the environment. 

So to help you accomplish both of these objectives, here are three ways you can save money by using less water at home. 

Repurpose Your Water

For some people, it’s easy to find ways to reduce the amount of water they’re using by simply not turning on their water very often. But if you do need to use a decent amount of water each day, you should try to focus your efforts toward repurposing that water in an effective way.

According to Carol Crotta, a contributor to, repurposing your water means that you try to use up every drop of water that comes out of your faucet rather than just flushing it down the drain. To do this, you could collect the water you use while waiting for the shower to get warm or washing your produce to then water any plants that you have. As long as whatever you’re using the water for allows the runoff to remain potable, you can likely find lots of ways that you can repurpose this water in order to reduce waste and save yourself some money. 

Choose Between Baths And Showers

Bathing is one of the biggest uses of water that people have. Because of this, it can take some careful thought and planning to figure out how to save water in this area without having to sacrifice your hygiene. 

To help with this, you should first decide if taking baths or showers makes more sense for you. According to Amy Livingston, a contributor to Money Crashers, bathtubs hold about 36 gallons of water while showers use approximately 2.5 gallons per minute. With this math, if you’re going to take a shower that’s shorter than 14 minutes, then a shower will save more water and more money. But if your shower would be longer than 14 minutes, a bath will be your best option. 

Be Smart When Washing Dishes

Washing dishes is another task that can require a lot of water usage. 

To reduce the amount of water you use while washing dishes, Emilie Martin, a contributor to Good Housekeeping, advises that you use your dishwasher rather than washing dishes by hand. And to get the most out of your water usage, be sure that you fill your dishwasher as full as it can go. 

If you’re wanting to save water and money within your home each month, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just this.