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4 Tips for Designing a Client Feedback Survey


Did you know that studies show that a happy customer is likely to tell at least two or three people about your business, while an unhappy customer is likely to tell at least eight to ten people? 

Making sure that you end up with happy customers is one of the most important factors in running a business. One way to do this is through a feedback survey.

Keep reading to learn tips that will help you create the perfect client feedback survey!

1. Make Sure it Is Short

Most people would like a quick feedback survey that can be completed in less than a few minutes. Having a survey with long questions can lead to abandonment since many people will not feel like taking the time to read, understand, and respond to it.  

Another way to make the survey shorter is to use more multiple-choice questions so that the consumer does not have to spend extra time typing paragraph-like answers to each question.

However, it is important to note that longer responses are more helpful in receiving specific feedback. It is also important to balance multiple-choice and free-response questions.  

2. Make a Bonus Offer

Many customer surveys often go unnoticed by consumers who do not see them as a priority. However, offering an incentive, such as a discount on your next purchase, can help. 

This makes it more likely for people to leave customer reviews, which can boost your sales or make your products more popular. Client satisfaction can go a long way and over time, many people may become more interested.

3. Send it at the Right Time

If you wait too long to send a survey, the customer feedback is likely to be very low since many people would have already forgotten about it. Consider asking the consumer to sign up for email newsletters so that the survey does not end up in their spam.

Depending on what you are selling, you may want to send the survey immediately after they have received or tried the product. Another important factor is to make sure it is sent to the correct location. Check to make sure that the email address is correct. 

If you are using mail, make sure the mailing address is correct and account for delivery time when deciding when to send your survey.

4. Ensure Your Survey Works

When sending a survey over the Internet, you should always make sure that your survey works. Broken links do not encourage customers to review your business. Additionally, if they have an improvement or complaint they would like to discuss, they will not be able to. 

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Try a Client Feedback Survey Today

A client feedback survey is an important tool that can be used to improve a business. There are many ways to ensure that this survey is used properly such as making sure it is smooth and functional, as well as making sure it is used at the proper time. 

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