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How to Use an Oil Diffuser for Maximum Scent


If you love candles, air fresheners, and anything else that keeps your home smelling fresh and clean, then you already know what an essential oil diffuser is and that they are said to have quite a few health benefits attached to using them. 

In fact, there’s no denying that scent diffusers are all the rage right now, and you can find them in the rooms of most homes. However, to get the maximum benefits and scents from your room diffuser, you must first know how to use a diffuser to full effect. 

We’ll discuss how to use your scent diffuser in the blog below.

Location Is Key

Before you can set up your diffuser, you need to purchase a high-quality oil diffuser and high-quality essential oils to go in it. For the best high-quality essential oils, follow this link.

Once you have your diffuser and oils, you must choose a suitable location. As with any product that gets hot, it’s best to put your diffuser in an area that is out of reach of children and pets while still being on a surface that gives you easy access to the diffuser. 

Keep the diffuser in a high enough location to reach all areas of the room, but not in the direct sunlight or the heat. Remember, most scent diffusers don’t have long cords, so make sure to place it in a location with an outlet within reach. 

Maximum Benefit Oil Diffuser Tips

Now that you know the best location to set up your scent diffuser, we’ll give you a few tips for using it to its full effect below. 

Diffusing Essential Oils

It’s best to avoid diffusing several essential oils at once, as they could overwhelm your senses and give off a funny smell. For the best results, only use two or three in different rooms of the house at one time. 

Only Use Three to 10 Drops

While adding a ton of the essential oil to your diffuser may be tempting, it’s best to stick to between three and ten drops, no more than ten drops at a time. Using more than that isn’t suitable for your diffuser and may overpower you with the scent when you switch the diffuser on. 

It’s also best to keep an eye on how many drops you put into the diffuser that first time to know how many you need the next. 

Choosing Your Oils

Of course, different essential oils have different smells and different benefits. Therefore, choosing the essential oil is up to you and what you like. For example, selecting a cinnamon oil will allow you to mix other oils such as ginger and orange for the perfect fall scent. 

Choose a lavender essential oil if you’re searching for a pleasant, calming scent instead. 

Get Your Oil Diffuser Today

These are only a few tips to help you use your oil diffuser to maximum effect. Remember, less can be more with your essential oils. 

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