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4 Ways To Cut Back On Monthly Expenses

Cut Back On Monthly Expenses

Cut Back On Monthly Expenses

One of the most common frustrations in life is trying to find ways to increase what goes into your bank account and decrease what goes out.  The most effective way to do this is to cut down your expenses.

By finding creative ways to limit your spending and find better ways to use your money, which cost less, you can reduce your spending.  As a result, you’ll have more left over for purchases which will bring you pleasure. Perhaps you want to travel or buy a new home. There are all sorts of possibilities when you put savings aside rather than towards unnecessary expenses.

Here are some of the best ways to cut back your spending today.

Buy Used

Rather than buying everything new, it’s considerably cheaper to consider buying used.  You can buy all sorts of items used for a fraction of the price that they are new.  

Often they’ve only been used a handful of times, but because they’re not straight off the shelf, the price is cut down to a much lower price.  

One of the best places to buy used items is online.  That way, you can see what the seller rating is and whether they are reputable for selling quality items.

Eliminate Unnecessary Recurring Charges

Take a look at your monthly recurring expenses and be honest with yourself about whether you really need them or not.  Many people sign up for gym memberships or club memberships only to never go.  It may only be $20-$30 a month; however, when you add up the total cost throughout the year, it adds up to a considerable amount.

The same goes for magazine subscriptions or streaming services.  Chances are you pay for a few things a month that you hardly use.  If you put this money towards savings instead of towards something you’re not getting any value out of, you’d be using your money much more wisely.


Depending on where you work, driving to work every day may be a considerable distance.  When you add up the gas cost plus car payments, insurance, and parking, it can be quite a large sum.

Since getting rid of your car altogether and taking public transportation may not be an option, then carpooling is the next best thing.  Organizing a carpool at your work can benefit everyone that participates.  Not only will you spend less, but you won’t have to worry about being in the driver’s seat every day, which can be stressful.


Rent is one of the biggest expenses for most people.  If you’re looking to reduce your monthly costs, then your rent can make the biggest difference.  Consider looking for a new home in a cheaper neighborhood.