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Boost Sales with the Help of a Countdown Timer

Operating a business in today’s climate sure has its ups and downs. With the advent of technological advancements, it has become much easier to reach a wide audience and this inadvertently saturates the market with competition. Today, devising a way to stand out from the crowd so as to draw attention to your business can make or break your business.

In this article, we take a look at the countdown timer app, which is a useful tool that businesses can use online to aid with raking in more wins and profits.

What is a countdown timer app?

A countdown timer is a virtual clock or timer that starts counting down from a set date and time. What this does is that it established a starting and ending time for a particular deal, event or offer. Countdown timers have been used in many walks of life including sports, medicine, science and now e-commerce.

The main reason why this has become such a big deal in online shopping is that it encourages customers to close deals by creating a sense of urgency where they see the termination date of the deal right before them.

Creative ways to use a countdown timer for your business

On website homepage

Placing it on your homepage allows all customers visiting your website to see the countdown. This is quite useful in marketing new products or deals that are currently running for a short period of time or to count down to the start of a campaign, you name it. The countdown timer app is flexible and allows you to use it for whatever idea you might have.

At checkout

It is widely known within the e-commerce industry that a lot of sales are lost at the checkout stage. To help with applying some pressure to close sales at checkout, a countdown timer comes in quite handy.

On the product information page

This is one of the most common ways the countdown timer app is used. You might have encountered it yourself while shopping online. This is yet another very effective location to place your timer as it let’s intending buyers know that the deal for their preferred product will not last forever and as such, they should purchase it as soon as they can.

Just in case you are still not yet sold on the idea, here are a few benefits a countdown timer app is sure to bring to your business.

  • It applies pressure on your customers to conclude a purchase
  • It amplifies your product, campaign or deals to a wider audience
  • It helps to shorten decision time for customers
  • It helps to boost sales.

To wrap things up, it is clear that the countdown timer app is quite useful for many purposes but even more so in facilitating your business online. This has been proven over time with lots of research as well as psychology. As they say, numbers do not lie, and with the tips shared in this article, you are well on your way to making more profits with the help of this amazing tool.