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Consequences of trading the market without any stop

The trading industry is one of the most profitable investment sectors in the world. Those who have mastered the art of the investment business are making tons of money just by using high leverage trading accounts. On the other hand, those who don’t have enough knowledge of this market are always losing money. They don’t know the perfect way to place the trade. Today, we are going to discuss some of the key steps by which you can easily make money without blowing up the trading account. But there is a small twist to this article. We are going to highlight the key reason why you should always use stop loss. Some of you might think your risk exposure is only associated with the use of the stop loss. But it has a greater impact on your trading. Let’s dive deep.

Protects your trading capital

The first thing that the stop loss does, is it gives strong protection to your investment. If you trade the market without any stop loss, you never know when you lose money at the market. You might be using the manual method to close the trade, but do you think this is going to work at trading. To make your life, you need to automate the trading process to a certain extent. Think about the Brexit event. Those who had the protective stops in each trade were able to incur small losses even though they might have experienced heavy slippage. On the other hand, those who didn’t have the stops, lost their entire investment. So, always protective stop-loss since mental stop doesn’t work.

Trade with confident

If you trade the market with a protective stop, you will be able to trade the market with confidence. The pro traders in the exchange traded funds industry are making a consistent profit since they know the perfect way to trade with protective stops. They never take too much risk in each trade even though they know the quality of the trade setup is good. Trading is not about survival. Unless you learn to trade this market with confidence there is no reason to learn the art of trading. With the help of the stop loss, you will be able to trade in a relaxed environment because you will know the maximum loss you can have from a certain trade.

Allows you to ride the trend

If you learn to use protective stops in each trade, you can easily ride the market trend with a high level of accuracy. Once the market moves in your favor move the stop loss to the next step. By doing so you will be able to make a decent profit without losing too much money. This is often known as the trailing stops. But to use the trailing stop, you must have strong knowledge about the support and resistance level. Using the trailing stops without the knowledge of support and resistance level is a very big mistake. So, think twice before you start using the trailing stops in each trade.

Learning to use the stops

By now you should have a clear idea about the importance of stop loss in the Forex market. So, how do we learn to place the perfect stop? To place the stop, you need to use the practice account. Most of the time, you need to use the stop loss based on the support and resistance level. However, if you manage to learn about the price action trading strategy, you can use the stop loss by using the Japanese candlestick pattern. Once you get better at using the stops, you will gain more confidence to trade the market. You can trade the major news with low risk. So, focus on the key factors of the trading industry and try to use the stop loss in a very efficient way. Once you get skilled at placing the perfect stops, you will see the change in your trading performance.