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Crypto Trading: How to Invest in a New Coin


Did you know that the top 3 cryptocurrencies globally include Tether, Ethereum, and Bitcoin? If you’re thinking about getting into crypto, you might wonder how to begin. 

It can seem overwhelming for someone brand new, but it doesn’t have to be! Read this guide on how to invest in a new coin today. 

How to Pick Out Your New Coin

Do the research, and don’t take someone else’s word on new crypto. You can check out coins for purchase on Buy Audius

If there’s a limited supply in the crypto exchange, but the demand is high, the price will increase. Consider what could increase the price later. Look at how much money has already been placed into a cryptocurrency. 

Types of Cryptocurrencies 

Ether is great for new investors. Bitcoin is one of the more popular cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto exchanges will support trading in Bitcoin. Cardano is starting to gain traction. It’s more energy-efficient than Ethereum, since it uses a proof-of-stake to verify blocks from the blockchain. 

Consider speaking with a financial professional in crypto. They’ll help you decide if crypto is a good idea for you. 

Watch for Volatility

Cryptocurrency is volatile since the value can change fast. If you don’t have experience with cryptocurrency, only invest in what you’re comfortable with losing. Giving up allows more experienced traders to come in and buy crypto at a lower rate. 

Manage your risk. If you’re a short-term trader, establish rules for when you’ll sell your coins.

For long-term traders, you might decide to never sell. Come up with a strategy that helps you manage losses. 


Coins need to have enough trading volume. This way, you can sell it fast if necessary.

Wait to buy a coin until it has liquidity. If you notice that other traders aren’t investing, it could be a scam or that it’s not worth it. 

Watch the Security 

Whether you choose a broker or exchange, pay attention to their security. Even if you own them, you’ll need them secured.

If you don’t think it’s secure, you could invest in a crypto wallet. This way, your coins aren’t accessible to hackers. 

Investing Time 

You can invest through financial apps, brokers, or the crypto exchange. Crypto exchanges tend to be competitive in price. 

Other Methods of Investing

Blockchain ETFs are gaining traction. You’ll invest in companies that might profit from blockchain technology.

Keep in mind that many companies don’t only focus on crypto. This means that your profit might be thin. 

Crypto funds let you bet on price changes in some coins. Crypto future allows you to do similar. 

Understanding Investing in a New Coin

After exploring this guide, you should have a better understanding of how to begin investing in a new coin. Take your time researching each coin and determining which is best. 

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