Great Reasons to Recognize Your Boss on National Boss Day

When you think of holidays, you likely don’t necessarily think about National Boss Day. But this is something that you should be celebrating. As the name implies, this is a chance to show your appreciation for your boss. 

You may think that participating is a silly idea. Still, there are some very good reasons to recognize your boss on National Boss Day. 

Improve Your Work Relationship (and Future Networking)

To start, when you recognize your boss on National Boss Day, you are taking an important step to improve your working relationship. Think about the joy you get when someone acknowledges everything you do or shows their appreciation for you. Your boss will likely feel the same. Put simply, recognizing your boss will show that you appreciate everything he does for you. 

In the short term, this will make your current work environment better. Your boss will become aware of your respect, which can help prevent awkwardness or even micromanaging. 

In the long term, this can help you with networking opportunities. For example, if you leave your current job on good terms with your boss, you’ll likely get a recommendation. 

The Company Does Well When Your Boss Does Well

Just like you, when your boss receives praise, it can motivate him to overcome challenges. This is important as that can help your workplace succeed. In turn, that will lead to job retention for you or even the potential for a bonus if the company does well. 

Show Initiative 

Taking the time to recognize your boss on National Boss Day is also an excellent way to show your supervisors that you take the initiative. This idea that you think outside the box and go above and beyond can put you ahead of others when a promotion or leadership position is on the line. 

Encourage Your Boss Showing Appreciation for You

There is also the reason that when you show appreciation for your boss, he is more likely to return the favor. That will likely be good for your self-esteem as well as your work ethic and motivation. 

How to Recognize Your Boss 

So, you’ve decided to recognize your boss on National Boss Day, but how do you go about doing so? To start, make sure you know when it is. This holiday is on October 16th, if that is a workday. Otherwise, it is the closest workday to October 16th

There are plenty of ways to celebrate your boss on this day. You can keep things simple with a card or note. If you want something more involved, consider nominating your boss for an award or giving him a small present. There are a lot of other ways to recognize your boss


Take advantage of National Boss Day to show your appreciation for your boss. This can strengthen your current working relationship and bolster future networking opportunities. It can also lead to praises or even put you in the running for future promotion. There are many options to recognize your boss on this special day, so choose the one that makes the most sense for your workplace