Daily Two Cents

How Women Can Reignite the Love Flames With Their Partner

Low love flames in a marriage or close relationship with a partner has been the reason for many relationships ending. There is simply no substitute for passion in a relationship and in fact most people don’t realize how important it is until it is no longer around.

Sometimes when we feel the fire gong out, we take immediate action because we know what can happen as a result. Other times, we are so busy or not paying close enough attention that we let things slip and one day we look up and there is barely a pilot light still lit.

For those of you with a low burning flame who want to turn things back into a bonfire, here are some ideas for you to try with and on your significant other.

Go on a Sexy Date Together

You may have forgotten what a sexy date looks like so let me give you some pointers here. First both of you should put on clothes aimed to turn the other one on. Think back to when you first met each other and how you dressed. You both wanted to look your best. Do that now. If you need some help check out the website Ever Pretty. If you have gained a few pounds since you started going out together you can still get a sexy plus size sequin dress on the site. Don’t hold back and don’t be shy. Go all out and get something hot! Complete your outfit with some jewelry, sexy shoes and of course a nice purse to match.

Go to a romantic restaurant where they have private booths. If you can find one overlooking the ocean this is best. Take your time ordering here and make sure that you pay lots of attention to your partner meaning lots of touching, handholding and eye contact. Make sure that your partner knows that you are focused completely on him.

Make subtle suggestions about what you would like to do later on that night. Nothing to overt at first but get more direct as the night wears on. If you have another location planned like dancing, make sure that the mood supports your agenda which is to end the night making hot passionate love to each other.

Send your Partner a Naughty Gift

Men love to know that their partners have the hots for them but they do not necessarily want everyone else to know how naughty their partner is. So one way to turn a man on is to send him a private naughty gift. How about going to a lingerie store and buying something sexy and then sending it to him at work with a note saying that you want him to put this on you and then take it off tonight. Give him specific instructions about what to do when he leaves work. Pick up some wine and strawberries and a few candles, then tell him where to find you when he comes into the house. The flames will be so high in your house that you will not need to turn up the thermostat during winter.

You can reignite the heat in your relationship if you do the things listed here. Take your time and do some planning to make sure of the best outcome. In the end you will have more romantic love than you can handle. Now keep it up and the flames will stay lit!