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Is the slot RTP higher at online casinos?

Slot RTP indicates to players how much return they can expect to see, the general perception is that online casinos have a more generous house edge than regular casinos so many players assume that slot RTP is higher at online casinos like Cozino.

Slot RTP 

The RTP of a slot game is one of the most important concepts that players need to understand about slot gaming. RTP stands for return to player and it is essentially a percentage which will indicate to players how much return they can expect to receive over a period of playing time. This percentage is commonly found in the paytable of a slot, which is available for every game. The percentage will be around 95% for most slot games, although this can vary so it is always wise to check first. Some slot games will offer players an RTP as high as 99%! There is nothing that players can do to manipulate the RTP of a slot game, however there are certain factors which can influence it. 

Online casino RNG 

The RNG is a concept that goes hand in hand with the RTP. It stands for random number generator and it is something that all players need to properly research. It is because of this that slot machines cannot be influenced. 

  •     The RNG works very simply, it is a small piece of coding hardwired into the slot machine. When the player hits the spin button, the RNG will work out complex mathematical equations and provide the most random outcome for the spin. The spinning reel of an online slot is not actually how the outcome is decided, this is purely for dramatic effect.
  •     The RNG may sometimes frustrate players but it is actually a very useful thing. The RNG works to ensure that players cannot cheat, it doesn’t remember the outcome of any previous spins so there are no patterns that can be memorised either. Without the RNG, players could easily manipulate the outcome of the reel spin and ultimately end up ruining the game.

Is it Higher? 

Slot RTP is actually traditionally higher in an online casino. This is because it is easier to keep retaining players. Online casino RTP is actually incredibly generous in some cases. 

  1. Although the average is around 95% for online casinos, this is actually a little higher than the average real life casino slot machine RTP. Sometimes that percentage can be as low as 70%
  2. The RTP is a stand in for the house edge of a slot game, this means that it will always be lower than 100% because the casino needs to be able to make some sort of profit. This is why some players feel that there is no beating a casino, only leaving it. The true winners at the casino are the people who know when to quit while they are ahead. 

Final Thoughts 

Slot RTP is equal throughout, although there are a few games which form an exception to the rule.