Can I be sure that online slots sites are fair? 

If you are going to join an online slot site and invest your hard-earned cash into it, then the very least you should expect in return is that you get treated fairly. This usually means that you should be able to enjoy casino offers and play games that are not fixed in any way and that they have been tested by an independent company for fairness. All online casinos have to have their games tested if they want to be granted a license by the UK Gambling Commission, so this should not be an issue in the highly regulated modern gambling environment we play in today. 

The Online Gambling Revolution 

In 1996 the gambling industry decided to move online, and this proved to be the making of the industry. The most popular format for players was and still is, playing games on online casino platforms. The big change came when video slots were introduced and these quickly became the game of choice of online punters. Unlike today, the growth in the popularity of online gambling and slots, took the industry by surprise back then and left many unlicensed casinos operating across the internet. This mass free for all was actually the reason why we have the highly controlled gambling environment of today, as many punters fell foul of unscrupulous casino practices. 

The Modern Gambling World 

Today the focus is not so much on casino practises and integrity, instead the focus has moved on to slot game fairness and the RNG or random Number Generator. What every punter wants to know is whether online slot games are truly random. Some players question this because they notice patterns in their favourite slots that they play for hours on end. They argue that there shouldn’t be any noticeable patterns occurring in a truly random slot. However, other factors can also influence the behaviour of slots and this includes the RTP score and the house edge. 

RNG: A Closer Look 

The problem within the gambling industry is that Pseudo- Random Number Generators are commonly used, and these rely on algorithms and precalculated formulas to produce number sequences that are converted into slot spins. Therefore, there are those who believe that this type of RNG in not truly random. Quantum Random Number Generators are thought to be the gold standard for true randomness but are not commonly used within the gambling industry

  •         Slots are regularly tested for fairness 
  •         Fair games are part of the licensing agreement that casinos must adhere to 
  •         The RNG helps to produce random results 

Other Things to Consider 

A fair casino will pay out any winnings without hesitation or excuses not to do so. If you win a jackpot then large casinos will pay out in one lump sum and others will pay in instalments, again a fair casino will put its terms and conditions on the table for punters to read. Fair casinos should be 1. Transparent about their rules. 2. Pay players without any excuses and 3. They should pay large wins in instalments or in lump sums.