Michelle Marquez – What Makes The Perfect Road Trip Buddy

Michelle Marquez and I grew up in Pasadena, California and we couldn’t wait to get our drivers license when we were younger, because of the freedom that it represented. We had heard mazing stories about people who had road tripped around this great nation of ours and for Michelle and I it was an experience which we couldn’t wait to have. Thankfully I have since discovered that Michelle is the perfect road trip companion and I have loved every mile of the thousands which we have racked up over the years. A few months ago I took a road trip with another friend and it wasn’t very fun, in fact I longed to have Michelle in the other seat with me. Road trip buddies aren’t easy to come by and this is what makes a great one. 

The Lulls

It isn’t all excitement on the road and there are many times when things aren’t that great, perhaps you are both tired, bored of driving or perhaps things go wrong. In these moments you do not need someone in the car with you how is going to complain or go silent, nor do you want someone who is full of questions and problems. What you need in these situations is someone who can read you, someone who seeks out solutions and someone who is prepared to laugh at the bad stuff. Michelle was perfect at this and during our difficulties on the road, there was nobody else I wanted to be with. 


With so much time in the car with someone you need a road trip buddy who is prepared to entertain. You need someone who loves music and singing along, someone who is ready to crack a joke, play a game or ready for a quiz. The last thing that you want is someone who is not prepared to enjoy the journey, this is 75% of what road tripping is all about, not the destination but the journey itself. 

Up For Anything 

When you are driving along and you see something strange or interesting, you want to stop to check it out and you need someone alongside you who is prepared to do the same. The last thing you need in this situation is someone boring who doesn’t want to do anything. The purpose of a road trip is adventure and that is what you should be ready for at all times. Another reason why you need someone who is more positive than negative is because sometimes you’ll want to do different things, sometimes you want to eat when they don’t, sometimes you want to go somewhere that they don’t and this works both ways around. In terms of a great road trip buddy then you need someone who is prepared to do things which they don’t like, and you should be prepared to do the same. This is the only way that everyone stays happy.