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Nine University Reviews – What Amazon FBA Do To Benefit Business Owners

Amazon FBA businesses are on the rise and much of that is down to brilliant online courses such as the Nine University course which focuses on giving its students all the tools and knowledge that they need to succeed. Looking at the Nine University reviews online is a perfect way to see that this is no scam but rather a brilliant and successful way that people can learn how to become an elite seller on Amazon. So what exactly is it that Amazon FBA provide which helps so many businesses go from nothing, to making the big bucks? Let’s take a look.

A Portal 

The most obvious example of what they can provide is a portal through which people are able to sell their products. Whilst most businesses will still operate their own website and sell products through that platform, the majority will sell the large amount of their products through Amazon. This portal which Amazon offer is the shop window for a business, a shop window with many passers-by! 


Amazon have over 100 warehouses in the USA and they use those to store both their own products and those which are offered by its sellers. This gives businesses an amazing opportunity to keep large volumes or large products in storage without having to incur the costs or go through the effort of finding somewhere to store it on their own. 


Of course one of the biggest benefits which Amazon is able to offer is its shipping service, which is one of the fastest and most efficient in the world. Amazon have fulfillment centers all over the country which enables them to ensure rapid delivery time for customers. Furthermore Amazon will also deal in returns which saves businesses a huge amount of money on staff and training, allowing them to instead focus on sales alone. 

Customer Support 

Amazon extend the weight of its customer support to businesses, which features phone, live chat and email support. This customer support is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, making sure that any queries or concerns can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. This of course further boosts the reputation of a particular business and maintains the high standard which the customer has come to expect. 

Cost Saving 

Some will say that owing to the charges which Amazon make that businesses find it more difficult to make profit but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality the FBA service extends massive cost savings to those who use it through the shipping, increased customer service, warehouse space, returns handling and even down to the reduced rates on shipping which they give to those sending products to them in bulk. 

There is no ceiling on how much a business can make through Amazon FBA and this again is a key reason why so many are looking to get involved and launch their very own business through Amazon’s amazing portal.