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Types of Online Casino Jackpots

There are different types of online casino jackpots that suit every type of player.  Some are easier to perhaps get your hands on than others and the size of the jackpots can vary greatly either due to the slot game itself or the specific time at which you play it.  Let’s learn about online casino jackpots that relate to slots so that we can increase our chances of winning as well as our understanding of slots games and our overall enjoyment – click and play online jackpots.

Online Slots Jackpots

You will have a very clear idea as to which type of slots game online you are playing from the very get-go.  There are two types of slots games:  a flat jackpot slots game and a progressive slot.  A flat jackpot is preferred by many players because it is very obvious the amount of money that is available in the jackpot for you to be able to win and no matter what time of day you play the game, this quantity of money will never alter.  You either win the jackpot or you don’t.  

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a slots game online where the amount of money available for players to win increases as the number of players playing, the amount of time spent playing and the amount of money being placed as bets increases.  This type of jackpot will continue to increase in its size until some lucky player wins it.  A progressive jackpot is used by games developers and online casinos as a great way to entice players to their game because it encourages players to continue playing and can sway players towards their game when they see the size of the jackpot.  The size of this jackpot varies massively so the time at which you play progressive jackpot slots games online is crucial. 

How Could I Win the Jackpot?

You can increase your chances of being able to win the jackpot, be it a flat jackpot or a progressive jackpot in multiple ways.  Increasing the number of paylines to the maximum is key otherwise you are not viable to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot in the first place.  It is worth noting that the amount of money you place on each reel has nothing to do with whether you are able to win the jackpot or not though, so this does not need to be maxed out. 

You should take advantage wherever you can of as many free spins that come your way and re-spins are helpful in creating more winning alignments of symbols too.  Slots games online with an autoplay feature can be hugely helpful when you are looking for a way to increase your chances of winning the jackpot.  Not only does this feature enable you to go and do other things and not be glued to your screen, but you can also speed up the slots game at the same time so that you can make the most of the time you have to play slots and therefore increase your winning chances.