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Why You Need xShows to Build your Webcam Site?

Recently, a new business model has emerged in the adult industry, and it has grown immensely popular for the past few years. Interestingly, this new sector has been able to keep away from the big-time cons of the conventional adult entertainment industry, and yet it sells the same erotica in a different way to make loads of money.

Adult webcam live streaming

An adult business model that employs live streaming of erotica via webcams and lets streamers make money via direct payments from their fans. It’s a pretty cool business idea and offers tons of ways to a webcam site owner to devise a profitable business model:

  • One can start a webcam site, perform on it, and make money from the fans.

  • One can start a webcam site, hire webcam models to perform on it, and make money charging percentage cuts from their earnings.

In either of the cases, the primary viable product of a webcam site is live webcam feed from a live webcam model that the users can see, interact with, and place custom requests in exchange for tips and direct payments; just like strip clubs do, except it is virtual.

Is adult webcam a viable business idea?

When adult webcam began as a niche, the overall adult industry was worth 50 Billion, back in the early 2000s. By 2013, it was estimated that the new webcam market would soon touch the 1 Billion mark, and it did. Despite some challenges, the industry has taken the market by storm. In 2020, adult webcam sites have become prominent as any adult entertainment website. Today, even the conventional adult websites are expending into webcam modeling and have started their webcam sites.

Those who started as webcam sites are constantly evolving and employing new technologies, business models, content sourcing models, niches, and marketing tactics to stay in the trend. Truth to be told, they have been fairly successful, or we would see so many new webcam sites on the internet today.

So, yes. Depending on the aspects that drive any business in a competitive market, a webcam site is indeed a viable business idea. Especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden rise in the traffic on adult websites is a clear indicator that people are looking for erotica; and an adult webcam site could be one of the ways to serve them the same.

The biggest challenge while starting a webcam business

If you too have been noticing the growth of the webcam industry over the past few years and thinking about starting such a website, I know what’s keeping you from it. You are worried about two major challenges:

Challenge 1: Time, effort, and money required to build an adult webcam site.

Challenge 2: Time, effort, and money required to hire webcam models for your website.

That’s a genuine concern. Even though it’s a profitable market, entry into the adult webcam industry has been a big challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s not easy to build a webcam site, and it’s even challenging to find webcam models to perform on it.

Interestingly, in 2020, ‘challenge 1’ is no more concern for you. You can find tons of turnkey cambuilder scripts and WordPress Templates that offer readymade webcam sites. Just get one of these Cambuilder Scripts, install it on a web server, and can have a readymade webcam site without needing to develop anything from scratch.

However, the biggest of the two is the ‘challenge 2’, and it’s pretty hectic: To find webcam models.

You cannot run a webcam site without webcam models to perform on it. There could be no traffic without webcam models, and models would never join a website with no traffic.

This classic chicken and egg problem could be your biggest concern if you trust the stories of failed webcam startups by dozens of people I know. I know at least 3-4 people who could build their webcam site without any hassle, but their startup failed within the first six months, as they failed to hire enough webcam models.

This chicken and egg problem has killed more businesses than I can count. Even the best adult webcam solution in the market cannot help you much without webcam models, which you need for kickstarting your website with at least the minimum viable services.

So, what’s the solution? How can you break this loop and come out with a successful webcam startup?

xShows- Not Just a Turnkey Script but An All-in-One Solution

You need an unconventional solution that provides not just a turnkey webcam site but also solves the problem of model recruitment. You need an adult webcam script with models. The xShows script could be the accurate answer to all your needs.

Unlike traditional web cambuilder scripts, this script offers an all-in-one solution, as it’s a webcam script with model API. You can build a webcam site and also get pre-populated databases of webcam models from top camming sites.

The Multicam script, supports multiple webcam business models with its two versions, which you can use as per your business objectives:

  • Lite
  • Pro

The Lite Version

The lite version is a cambuilder script with affiliate marketing solutions that allows you to:

  • setup a webcam site without any coding knowledge and,
  • get a pre-populated database of webcam models from top webcam networks.

Once you set up your webcam site using this multi webcam builder, you can move to the back-end settings and pull over 20,000+ webcam models from cam networks, such as Chaturbate, Bongacams, xlovecams, and Stripchat, on your site.

The integration of the webcam models happens using integrated Whitelabel APIs, which come inbuilt with the script. This allows you to do away with the hassles of hiring and managing webcam models by yourself, and you can focus your efforts on driving website traffic and defining marketing strategies.

Users who visit your website see these models on your website. They can click to watch their webcam shows. Once clicked, the users re-direct immediately to your affiliate partner site. However, you can also set a small delay, where users can be prompted to redirect after watching a small preview.

In return, the affiliate network will pay you a percentage from whatever your referred users spend on these websites, aka affiliate commission. This would allow you to make lifetime passive revenue by redirecting traffic to webcam affiliate sites without any in-house models of your own.

If you want to capitalize on the adult webcam market but don’t have enough time, money, and resources to develop a webcam site from scratch or to hire adult webcam models, the lite version is the most appropriate adult webcam script with models for you.

The Pro Version

The pro version takes your business model to a whole new level by offering even more ways to generate both passive and active income. The multi Webcam builder allows you to implement two different business models in one:

  • Affiliate: You can use the integrated blacklabel API from AWEmpire to fetch model databases from the top webcam network and make affiliate income.

  • Native: You can also hire your in-house models to generate active revenue using all kinds of monetization channels in the script, such as tips and private chat.

If you are worried that passive revenue generation in the lite version is not enough, and you want to do more than just affiliate marketing, the pro version is the best adult webcam solution for you.

It uses the AWEmpire Blacklabel API by LiveJasmin, which does not redirect your traffic to other websites. Your users can watch LiveJasmin models on your website without even realizing that they are watching a cam show from a third-party site. They can interact with these models, send tips, purchase tokens, pictures, and video clips from LiveJasmin models without ever leaving your site. Your revenue in this case will come from the affiliate commissions paid by LiveJasmin to you for bringing token sales to them.

Apart from this, you can also add your in-house models and function as an independent webcam site. You can have your own models, payment processors, monetization channels, user database, and commission management system to generate active revenue.

What do you think?

You can use the lite version to build and launch webcam site with model pre-populated on it from popular webcam networks. This will let you make passive money for a lifetime.

Or, you can use the pro version, start your new webcam site with pre-populated models from LiveJasmin without re-direction, drive traffic, and expand into hiring your own models as your site become popular.

A modern solution to the classic chicken and egg problem. With either of the versions, you shall have an adult webcam script with models ready to work on your website.