New online slots with free spins bonus to Play

Players will encounter many bonuses whilst they enjoy online slots, no bonus is more popular than the free spins bonus – play Starbust slot. This bonus essentially lets players spin the reels for absolutely free!

Free Spins Bonus 

The free spins bonus is one of the more popular slot bonuses that players will encounter. This bonus is commonly used by slot sites, as it is simple to understand and easy to implement into gameplay. As the name suggests, players will be given a set amount of free spins when they trigger the bonus. The amount can vary but they will typically be either five, ten or fifteen spins given. Although this may not sound like a lot, this bonus is often retriggerable which means that players can end up with hundreds of free spins. The best part about this bonus is how it saves players money, if the bonus is retriggerable they could even end up playing the game for absolutely nothing for a long time! 

Slots with free spins bonus 

Not every slot game will offer the same amount of free spins for players. The following are some of the slot games which offer the most free spins for players. 

  • Samurai Split was developed by NextGen Gaming and it features a maximum of 480 free spins for players. There is also a luscious theme and fun gameplay to go along with this lucrative bonus.
  • Mystic Dragon is a game developed by RTG and it has amazing graphics and sound. There are a total of 100 free spins to be won in this slots bonus!

Other Bonuses 

The free spins bonus may be commonly used by slot games but there are actually a variety of bonuses which players will come across. The following are some of the very best bonuses to be on the lookout for. 

1. Bonus cash – This is a popular bonus amongst players, essentially they will be rewarded with bonus cash when they manage to trigger this bonus. Although this cash is rarely a huge amount, it is still a nice bonus to trigger.

2. Multipliers – This is another well liked bonus, triggering this bonus will lead to the player receiving a multiplier which will be applied to their cash pot for it’s duration. Some games offer a retriggerable multiplier which can lead to absolutely crazy amounts when used effectively.

3. No deposit bonus – This bonus is a little different as it is not triggerable but it is still incredibly lucrative. The no deposit bonus is given to players when they sign up to a site, they will not be required to deposit anything in order to use a game. This bonus theoretically means that a player could end up winning a prize without depositing a thing into their account. 

Final Thoughts 

The free spins bonus is actually incredibly lucrative when it is used wisely, the fact that it is so common only serves to make it more lucrative for players, especially when it is retriggerable.